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 Cuddy Striptease
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cuddy striptease
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posted by awesomeradish
This may seem kind of irrelevant to people that are later in/have finished the series, but I'm currently on episode 10 of season 3, and thought I'd share my insight on the relationship between Dr House and defective Detective Michael Tritter.

I'm finding these two characters' interaction to be the most interesting in the series yet - not because of clashing personalities, but because of their astounding similarities. Comparing them in terms of motive and how they execute achieving it, they are basically identical.

If آپ go back an episode یا two before Tritter is introduced, House is harassing...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
The story begins with an alarm clock ringing. Cuddy, who just woke up, turned it off. سے طرف کی the time she stand up from the bed, she felt unusually tired but she walked straight to see Rachel who started crying because of hunger.
With the baby at arm, she went down to prepare some milk. As she was about to pour the سیکنڈ scoop in the bottle, she felt dizzy and started to call Rachel’s nanny for help to carry the baby for her but there was no one who answered her. Soon, she dropped herself unconscious and Rachel on the floor.

Meanwhile in PPTH, House entered the clinic. He noticed that Cuddy’s...
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The episode begins with a view shot of the supposedly-Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, a faint, annoying sound in the playing in the background. And as سیکنڈ go by, we finally realize that the buzzing, strumming, یا perhaps ticking noise was intended to initiate suspense. As if the spoilers swimming around the internet hasn't caused that already. Back to the episode: We see random shots of clinic patients and staff in slow motion, and if آپ have already watched the episode like I have, you'd notice that the only actual faces we're actually seeing are the people who will be taken...
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