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Sorry guys, I don't have time to post it all together. I have so many things to take care of today before leaving but here's the first part and I hope you'll like it and we'll check in later for part 2 :) I know....too much suspance, I'm horrible.



No one spoke for a second, but a deep scowl was starting to dig his way through Hugh’s face. So deep Robert wasn’t sure he would be the only one noticing for long.
Katie lowered her eyes and cleared her throat, after a while “Ok…down to work?” she...
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I'm terribly sorry guys XD Been awfully busy!! Ok, I have 3 chaps in a row to post and the اگلے one is ready already :P; third one I'll be posting on weekend so stay tuned ;) Read on and I'll post part 2 tonight...well my evening. Consider something like 8 hours at the utmost starting from now :P Just giving آپ the time to catch up with this. Enjoy, it's a sad sad moment for us all I know. I hope some of this will cheer آپ up...well sort of XD

PS I splitted it into two parts cause it's too long and I discovered we are not allowed to use مزید than a certain number of words :P Then so your eyes...
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posted by Noeloe
Is this a quick update یا what?;) Thanks for your reviews!

‘Mmmm’, Lisa almost moaned as she took another bite of her curry. Hugh smiled, ‘You want me to leave آپ two alone for a minute?’ Lisa smirked, ‘It’s just so good, I could eat this every day.’ ‘Well than maybe we can come back here another time, like one of our Thursday nights.’ Lisa nodded and smiled, she was happy that he apparently still wanted to spend his Thursday nights with her. She had been a little scared that if he got a girlfriend they couldn’t do that anymore. ‘Is your سالن, کوٹنا good too?’, Lisa smiled....
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posted by huddyislove
I know I post with break of like FOREVA, :P,
but I just can't make it. I don't even think I'll be here from Friday to Tuesday cause I have a friend from Czech republic coming.
So, enjoy while آپ can, I really hope آپ do :)))
I love آپ all so much,
and just remember, Huli and Huddy will live!
No matter what! <3


“Dad?” Hugh heard a familiar voice coming down the hallway. He had almost forgotten his daughter was in the house. Becca had came to visit a few weeks before and she just never left.
“I'm in the bedroom!” Hugh shouted from the door, starting his way to Rebecca's room....
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My entry for the competition! Enjoyy :) (Mainly Lisa's point of view but there are additional Hugh's somewhere. And new years is only included because it follows Christmas naturally and a small part takes place then.) And a fair warning, if there are any mistakes ignore, I'm a bad checker.

Lisa - Ten a.m.

It was the morning, particularly the morning before Christmas eve was to arrive and Hugh had spent shooting his last scenes for one of the episodes of House, دکھانا the following سال in January. I was along the sides watching him like the rest of the crew.

"It's over," Hugh spoke as House....
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posted by huddyislove
Yes.. I know... very very painful... My school! Not the گزشتہ chapter! Aye! XDDDD
No, seriously, I couldn't just, throw them in parenting, it's not going to be easy for them... آپ know I'm not an easy girl (I'M TALKING BOUT WRITING!! *rolls eyes* XDDD)
I want them to explore their personalities a bit, آپ know, there's so much they think they know about each other, but just maybe, that's not how it is.
I hope you'll enjoy their whole 'journey' just like I'm enjoying writing it...
oh, and thank آپ for the reviews!
Love you!

Chapter 13: No matter what?

“Oh, sweetie” Hugh approached...
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posted by huddysmacked
It's late at night and I'm alone. Crying, trying and losing. I don't want to be beautiful if آپ don't see me beautiful. I want آپ to hold me and whisper I love you.
But آپ can't, and I can't either. I'm not strong enough.
Today I saw آپ together, she seemed happy but you,I don't know. I guess آپ are because آپ were holding her too.
It's foolish that you're the reason of my tears, I don't even nows why they're running down my cheeks. I have never had آپ what means I haven't lost you. I haven't loved you... until now. I realize I do but آپ don't.
I'm alone in my room, in the dark. I can't...
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posted by partypantscuddy
Okay so this site hates me and won't let me post a link using the لنکس so I'll post it here.

I started writing this last week, and آپ can see the لنکس below. There are two chapters so far and the third is almost finished. The jist of it is what I think would happen if Lisa came back for the series finale. So don't be afraid to read it and leave تبصرے on the posts, they're on my live journal, and anonymous تبصرے are enabled so آپ don't even need an account to comment. I hope آپ like!

For those that missed it on tumblr/twitter/LJ - here are the gift details:

Lisa LOVES cookbooks. I’ll be compiling vegetarian/vegan recipes from her شائقین all around the world and having them published into a book.

It WILL get to the Huddy Queen :) I have "her people's" address.

So dig into your family cookbooks یا browse around online and find your پسندیدہ recipe. Make sure to include your name and country. For US residents, I’d love to include states for all those comfortable with it.

Here is our current participant tally (please note that this is a tally of just the emails - if مزید than...
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Told ya a crazy update was coming :P Besides, this is maybe one of my mushier ایوارڈز ever. I'm pretty ashamed of it XD I hope آپ don't find it awful. I just thought, I mean...WTF!! We can't always be drowning in Tearsland, right? So I think, especially today, دیا what's expecting us tonight *trembles*, sth like this might really come in handy. Well, hope آپ won't be throwing stuff at me for this. Hopefully, they've stayed in characters. I've already come up with the اگلے chap's a little insane but I think it might turn out amazing, if I succed in not screwing it up XD *zips lips*...
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Hi there, enjoy this chap on this dreadful Huddy times and be ready for some crazy update ;)


Previously on December/December:

10 March 2010

She shrugged “I guess...I just wanted to say...thank you, for everything...” and then she just nodded shortly, ignoring the wild rate of her دل pounding like crazy against her chest, waiting for him to say something.
But he didn’t know what to say. He only wished he could have acted on his true feelings for once and sent everything to hell. Just one مزید time.
Silence grew deeper, just broken off سے طرف کی the...
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posted by blinkbackatear
Hello everybody! I am back with a loooooong chapter, I am sorry that I just updated now, but I didn't really have time for writing. Hope آپ will like this! Hugs and kisses ;-) (L)

2 months later

-    Hey, honey!
-    Yes? – Hugh looked up from an American tabloid.
-    I thought about going to the theatre tonight… what do آپ think?
-    Ok… sure but آپ don’t have to ask me for permission, آپ know – he کہا absentmindedly.
-    For permission??? Hugh, I want to go with you! It was an...
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posted by MirandaScully
Author's Note : I know nothing about Lisa Edelstein's personal life. Everything written here is a work of fiction - I do not intend to offend Lisa, Robert Russell یا his family. I do not intend to imply he might be violent - again, it's for the story. This fanfiction contains smut, dark subjects, mild violence. Viewer discretion is adviced.
Two of the scenes are inspired سے طرف کی Grey's Anatomy.
The songs featured are Roxanne (from the Motion Picture Mouline Rouge), 'I Like' and 'Tonight We Fly' سے طرف کی the Divine Comedy.

Happiness is so hard to find

June 12

-    I love you.

-    But...
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posted by HuddyBea
Here آپ go peeps. Sorry I wanted to post this yesterday but I wasn't in all دن basically. Don't tear up too much, it's gonna get better in a few chapters, I promise.

PS I am gonna attach just the bit from the convo between Gabriella, Hugh and Robert, cause the chapter has nothing to do with Lisa and Jess, so it's pointelss quoting that bit, I guess. I might quote that in the اگلے one XD Gosh, it's getting complicated this alternate dialogues things LOL!


Previously on December/December:

Gabriella suddenly clapped her hands together “I have a...
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posted by huddyislove
Before I start.. I knoooow It's been too long since I've written anything.. and I just felt like writing a one shot.
It's a sad one, so if you're not in the mood, SKIP IT.

I mean that with all the love in the world.
Hope آپ like it, though.
And I recommend آپ play this song while reading it
link just to make it مزید dramatic </3
And please don't hate me for what I'm about to do.
Love my sinners forever <3


Cover my eyes, cover my ears, tell me these words are a lie.

She rushed down the hallway, trying to catch her breath. Her دل pounding fast, she could hear its...
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posted by tammyr50
My eyes are held captive to watch her every اقدام
Her beauty came into my world filled with pain
Her love has touched and awaken the desire inside
As my دل begins to hear its موسیقی again

The beauty I have found in this woman
The beauty that lies within her eyes
The pathway that leads to her heart
The place where her love resides

Tender hands holding each other
Strong arms holding آپ warm and tight
Lips that gently kiss the pain away
Love that takes آپ through the دن and night

To the love of my life
The purpose of my life finally came
Your love washes over me and completes me
My spirit sings at the sound of your name

I was born to hold you
I was born to kiss you
I was born to love you
آپ were born to be mine
posted by tammyr50
I think maybe this has a PG13 rating. Just a couple of parts that are a little sexual. actually, it is a lot sexual.

Hugh didn't sleep much that night. All he could think about was her. He kissed her softly and slid quietly out of the bed.

He made some coffee, got a cup, and headed out to the balcony.

As he sat on the balcony that night he had been searching inside himself for the words to tell her...

"Words", were so hard for him.

"He wanted to tell her how much she had changed his life."

That was one thing about acting, "there was always a script."

Hugh had found such a connection with the character...
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posted by shattereddreams
Very very short Huli drabble. First attempt at a fanfic for Huli so please be kind. Let me know what آپ think!


From the moment I met you, I loved you.

I learnt that دن that my دل has but one owner. Only one true friend and lover, others have tried to fill the void that آپ have left, but it is only آپ that can replenish its thirst.

    I know this, for it is only your ears that hear the things I do not say. Only your lips that let slip the things I need to hear the most. It is your arms that hold me with the...
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posted by tabbyhearts
Admission – part three of the link/link story group

- - -

She was scared … and it was obvious to everyone in the room when she stepped into the light, the overhead glow catching the sterling silver bracelet on her wrist. Along with the bracelet, a light caught the small beads on the چولی, آنگی of her dress. Her silver heels clicked faintly on the cement walk, and she gave a nervous smile as her eyes searched the crowd.

“Lisa,” a voice made her jump slightly, and Lisa turned her head, her eyes connecting with the piercing blue eyes of her coworker. She gave a quiet laugh and took a step back,...
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posted by k_tap
This is my first Huli fanfic, so I'm sorry for any mistakes. Before آپ read I would like to give آپ a little bit of background on where this one-shot came from. I was listening this song Best Thing سے طرف کی The Graham Colton Band and was inspired to write and the only thing I could think of that would work was Huli, so I listened to this song over and over again while I wrote this little fic. I hope آپ enjoy it......PS: It might help آپ to listen to the song while آپ read!



The Best Thing

Here they are sitting in hard, plastic chairs in an airport; they weren’t talking to each...
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