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posted by 101trx
 first left 4 dead hunter
first left 4 dead hunter
The Hunter

Health     250
Abilities     Able to leap long distances and off walls, can pin Survivors سے طرف کی leaping on them
Attacks     Pouncing, clawing
Alternate names     Hoodie, Jumper, Crazy Legs, Leaper, Punk-ass, Pouncing one, Hoodie dude, Sweatshirt-wearing wuss, Scrawny little bitch

"So that's a Hunter, huh? What's he gonna do, go for a jog at me?"
"Yeah, آپ better hide! sweatshirt کے, سویاٹشارٹ wearin' little wuss."

The Hunter is an agile Special Infected [1] whose mutation has granted him incredible...
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