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Believe it or not, I have a minor in behavioral and social science. I had to write a paper on body language, and I used Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev as an example. This is part of the rough draft of that paper.

Other than the obvious verbal flirting (Like Ian committing on how beautiful and warm Nina is...) They can deny, deny, deny all they want but their body language speaks volumes...

In fact, a website analyzed pictures of the two at a basketball game. Nina leaned into Ian, and he touched her arm and whispered into her ear. The body language expert claimed that Nina was much more into Ian, and he was hiding their relationship.

They noted on Ian's hand in the pocket; the expert said that it was a key sign he was trying to deny the relationship, keep it on the 'DL' so to speak. While my research says that a hand in the pocket is also a sign of lack of confidence. However, others say that a hand in the pocket is a sign of being comfortable in the situation.

I also learned that women will typically point their knee in the direction of the most attractive man in the room. A perfect example is Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Kayla Uwell at the Scream Awards 2009. I actually laughed once I seen this picture. Both Nina and Kayla's knees are pointed at Ian, poor Paul Wesley.


However, I learned that there is a lot of truth in the direction of a person's feet. I skimmed over something that said, the feet are farthest away from the brain and basically do what they want and speak the truth about how a person feels about those around them.

According to research, a man and woman will point their foot at the person they are most interested in dating or courting ( a common word used in body language science) Ian's foot is settled back and pointing to Nina. Now, Nina's feet are not pointed at anyone in particular, nor are Kayla's feet. However, Kayla's hips are definitely leaning toward Ian, which questions sexual motives?


Apparently, the hips and pelvic regions are huge signs in body language/flirting 101. But we will get more to that later...

Also at Comic-Con 2010, Ian was asked if he was single. You didn't need to be a body language expert to realize hew as clearly uncomfortable. He started stammering, and rubbing his chest. A person rubs their chest when they are tense. He did say, "Its complicated," and I think that's all the words that were audible. He ended up crossing his arms a clear sign that he wanted to bail.

The experts say that touching is #1 on the list of body languages; leaving eye contact in its dust. People touch to feel and show that they are connected. Now they also say that the neck is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body. Men are attracted to the smoothness of a woman's neck.

Apparently, Ian is too. On the red carpet at the 2010 Monte Carlo Television Festival; do you see where his hand is? His thumb is practically grazing Nina's jugular in the pictures.


Remember the Laker Game photos? Well, these were already examined by body language experts. Now the website experts said that Ian is hiding the relationship in the series of photos from this Lakers game.

If he's trying to hide his feelings for her, he's failing miserably.


Those pictures have a few big body language flirting no-no's, that is if you want to keep your relationship on the down low.

For instance...

1.) Ian is leaning the whole side of his body into hers, not to mentioning that he's whispering sweet nothings into her ear (in reality, it was probably something about the Lakers).

2.) Nina is mirroring him; I use that word because it is also HUGE in the world of body language. Couples that mirror each others movements is a very good thing, and says something about a good connection between the two.

3.) Nina's damn knee; usually in body language crossed legs are a bad thing. But you have to look at other movements. Typically a knee is pointed at whoever you are interested in. Women show off their legs to catch a guys attention.

4.) Ian's legs are WIDE open; now we have to take into consideration, many guys sit with their legs open. However, according to the experts, this is a good thing. It means that Ian is open (literally, open) to a physical relationship with Nina.

5.) Finally, Nina is leaning into Ian, and Ian is leaning into her. Again with the mirroring people.

Remember the interview at Comic Con, Ian was asked if Elena (Nina's character) brought out the humanity in Damon? (Ian's character). He answered something along the lines that...that Damon's humanity only comes out with Elena.

Then he adds, with a toothy smile, "El- Nina Dobrev will do that to you." But it's that toothy grin that supports his feelings. Body language experts say that when a person shows all their teeth when they smile, it's a genuine smile - they mean what they say.

Now that picture where Nina is writing on his hand, we've all seen it. Ian has that warm smile, and his gazing at her, Nina completely oblivious it seems to the way he is looking at her. Eye contact follows touching in the body language world and a gaze show genuine attraction and or interest.


I'm not sure where this picture falls in date wise. I'm assuming it is taken early or late summer. This picture was taken at a high profile event, there were thousands of screaming fans that could well be considered witnesses to this little touch.


Ian and Nina are known for their "innocent" touches. In fact, Ian finds an excuse to touch Nina in most interviews. While I noticed Nina tries her best to stay neutral and not touch Ian. However, she makes up for the lack of touching with the doe-eyes and warm smiles when Ian talks.

Just another movement that says she's not only attracted to Ian, but she's interested in what he has to say.

My professor made this comment on my paper, "If a man/woman are attracted and or interested in someone, they will touch them without thinking. They touch each other to show support, to want to be close to that person. It is evident the couples you chosen are strongly emotionally and physically connected to each other."

The next picture, the first couple, Paul Wesley (co-star) and his fiance against the wall, then Ian and Nina standing in the corner.


Since Paul Wesley is in the picture, I can use him as an example as well. As I mentioned above, pelvic and hip movements are a sign of great sexual chemistry. Well, it's no wonder why Paul Wesley is marrying the young lady, because the hip action is there.

Now onto Ian and Nina;

1.) Ian's feet are pointed at Nina, and hers are pointed at him.
2.) Not only are Nina's feet pointed at Ian, but their hips are almost parallel.
3.) Ian has his arm around Nina; you see Ian doing this a lot, and typically he pulls her into him. According the body language experts, this is an Alpha Male way of saying, "She's mine." (Aww.)

4.) Nina has her hand on Ian's chest. Now I only found one example of this in the body language world. Her hand on his chest is almost a sexual advance, she wants him to touch her chest. I thought that was very interesting.

5.) Ian is talking with someone, and he is talking with his hands. He does not do this as often as Paul Wesley does. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Paul Wesley not talk with this hands. Research says that those who talk with their hands do not feel confident in what they are saying, so they need to talk with their hands to get their point across.

When Ian talks in interviews, he touches his mouth and jaw a lot. According to the experts, this is because Ian is not sure what to say.

Body language is not a perfect science. But I think it is amazing how much a person can say, without saying a word. Why Ian and Nina's relationship is no ones business, body language doesn't lie.

It's actually beautiful in a way to see their relationship blossom through the media. Even if they do fight it.

Love is a great thing.

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Thank you, sweetie. I was so excited about your paper since the 1st time you told me you were doing it about Nian.
Yeah, we all know the truth. Love is a great thing, especially Ian and Nina's love.
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Love it !
Felt all happy reading this :) Just some more proof why Nian are a item & they can't deny it for long !!
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its very well written:) yeah ian and nina s love s incredible !!!!
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Great paper! It is very well researched and written. They can deny it all they want, but it's very evident :)
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amazing !!!! thank you so much