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First of all, I.K.S.A stands for Important Kids (in a) Serious Area. The serious area is your clubhouse. All آپ need to make a clubhouse is a room, some blankets, things to سہارا up the blankets and books. And you'll need a I.K.S.A flag. Any flag can be used. Now use the things to سہارا up a blanket. Use dresser droors to keep up the blanket. Add other blankets and سہارا them up too. Put the کتابیں in a stack as your library. Grap apples from your باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ to eat and سہارا up your flag. Please decide to join. It's not all about world peace. It's about fun. Tell your دوستوں and neighbors. Make it a world phenomenon. Eat the apples and say the pledge (see other article) The oath (also see other article) If their are other people there do the handshake ( also see other article.)