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posted by dreamcatcher321
12 months have passed since lin and zag have been waiting for the arrival of their new smeet.
" oh zag im so happy! anyday now our smeet will finally be born! i'll finally be a mom!"
lin and zag were in the armada recovery deck where future mothers were ready to give birth to new little invaders. zag sat اگلے to her holding her hand. "i know. im so happy for آپ honey. too bad ida and fluke are'nt here to see it." ida and fluke were at war with some of the aliens trying to take over irk. lin doesnt remember the last time she saw her sister and fluke. the two were a part of her دل and she...
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I love the humble silence of this street,
embellished with quiet trees,
where no soul has ever gone by,
except that of the wind...
Clouds pause to look at the street
with their heavenly eyes,
and they can tell, سے طرف کی looking at the leaves
whether Fall یا Winter have settled their realm.
I love the humble silence of this street
embellished with quiet trees
along which I walked on so many Sundays
with my small grove of rememberences...
When I die, my friend, the best of me
will survive in this street:
the concealed rose of my regrets
and the roaming موسیقی of my dreams...

The camera slowly pans into the massive and آپ here Zim blabbing about his latest plan; the tallest come into view with their eyes twitching
Zim: “and then everything turned into a fiery mess, ok bye” the transmission ends and the tallest go crazy bouncing off the walls then out of the shadows, a female Irkan comes into view (she has a red version of Tak`s eyes and her antenna are kind of like Tak’s only thicker and on the end she has two kinks instead of just one, and she has purple on her feet and hands on her gloves, also she has two fangs that stick out of her mouth)
Katie: “that’s...
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One bright and cheery afternoon in Doomtown, Indiana, two doors down from Zim's base, Dib was trying to create a test bot to expose Zim for his misdeeds, and Gaz was downstairs, watching "Blood and Gore عملی حکمت Hour." As soon as the دکھائیں snapped to commercial, a سوال popped in her head, and that سوال was: "Where's my real mother?" She stood up, scratched her head, and walked upstairs to her brother's bedroom.

"Hey, Dib..." she said, peeking her head through the door.
Without looking away from his wrench and scrap metal, Dib moaned, "Come on in."

"I've been miserable, مزید than usual, and...
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posted by Solo28
 Zero's homicidal side
Zero's homicidal side
This is the sequel to 'Z-9: A SIR of Doom'. Only this time it's Zero not Z-9.

Zero is an Ex-Elite Soldier. He was arrested because Zero was taking his Invader's test when Zim intruded. Zim's idiotic self broke the Control Brain and it created a wave of doom that shut the power off Irk for 50 years. The Tallets desperatley wanted the person caught. Zim framed Zero and Zero was banished to Vort Prison for 3,000 Years. He teamed up with Prisoner 777 and created his Sir unit, Z-9. He used Z-9 to escape and build a new ship that was only سیکنڈ to most advanced ship.

Zero's دوستوں are Z-9, Kierra,...
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"Unacceptable," the Purple Tallest کہا sternly. "It has been 3 days and Planet Earth is still on radar."
"It was your idea to send Ume to Earth." red Tallest replied. "But do not fear, I'm sure she has everything under control. I know Ume; she's a very determined Irken."
"You know her?"
Red Tallest nodded. "She's a voluntary social adviser."
"In that case, bring me her Irken files. I must know مزید information on this female..."


OC/Invader Name: Ume ("Blossom of the Plum") (Oo-may)
Creator: Lolly4me2
Home Planet: Irk
Current Location: Earth
Current Residence: Base of Invader Zim
Assignment: "Assist...
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 The Image of Zero and Z-9 on Lard Nar's Screen
The Image of Zero and Z-9 on Lard Nar's Screen
SCENE 1 - Planet Vort

Vortian: Sir, We have finished the Irken Death Device.

???: Excellent.....

A Big Screen pops out. And it has a picture of Zero and Z-9 on it.

???: These two are our greatest threat, they have wiped out 12 of our armies together. 12 STINKIN' ARMIES, CAN آپ BELIEVE THAT MEAT FACES?!?

Vortian: I Can!

???: Destroy that guy.

Guards دکھائیں up and capture the vortian and kill him.

???: That was the wrong guy, but, who cares. I, Lard Nar of the Resisty, will dispose of those two, They will no longer threaten us.


The enterance to Zero's base opens.

Zero: This is my Base....
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 Yuki Hates Brad.
Yuki Hates Brad.
Yuki: O.O HUH?
Jan: No
Brad: Me Neither.

Lia: *climbs up wall* Come on.


Kai: I thought so. *Brad, Jan, Wave and Kai are wisked to Hevhell*
Kai: Deathclaw, I've come back.

Brad: What The?
Jan: HELL!?:O
Brad: آپ Mean Hevhell >XD

Deathclaw: Who do آپ bring with آپ Lostface?
Kai: I bring Fangheart and 2 others not from this pack. I want آپ to give them their 15 lives and their pack name.
Deathclaw: Very well Lostface, The blue one shall be called Icedeath. Come faward to reacve آپ 15 lives.
Kai: Go on, he don't bite.

Brad: What Me?
*Walks Up To Deathclaw*
Jan: Huh?

Deathclaw: *touches his head and...
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Another new character! Enjoy!

Irken Invader Zema:

Name: Invader Zema
Gender: Female
Age (Irken years): 12
Alien Race: Irken
Skin Color: Green (like any other Irken)
Eye Color: Light Pink
Clothing: گلابی Irken dress and black Irken shoes
Friends: Invader Zim and Invader Tak
Enemies: None (yet)
S.I.R Unit: Mica

Earth Human Zema:

Name: Zema
Gender: Female
Age (Earth years): 112
Animal: Human
Hair: Long, straight, light گلابی hair
Eyes: blue, گلابی eye shadow
Clothing: گلابی (Irken) dress and black (Irken) shoes
Friends: Zim (Zema's boyfriend), Tak, and Gaz
Enemies: Dib
Pets: A purple cat named Mica
posted by Foxy10
Okay so I'm starting a thing called Under The Irkenstance and it's going to be like let's reads, reviews, cosplay crap, photos, and other such thingys! :3 I hopefully will get the first Ep of a let's read up today and keep doing them! :3 The website is still under construction (I was up late last night starting it up) and is running me ragged. Ugg websites YU so mean! I'm editing as fast as I can so I can get it up and running sometime this week یا اگلے week.

Also I could use some help and staff is open at the moment it's super easy even Andy could do it (Andy: -_-). Well that's about it at the moment back to work! >:3
"What Do آپ Think About Your
Mommy And Daddy Alyssa?"
Askes Mrs.Jones
I Think About
My Mommy Is
That She Is So Awesome
She Is Amazing..
She Is Beautiful,Hot,And
A Cutey
And Daddy
They Are Lucky That They Have Me
Because I'm Cute
My Daddy Is A Wolf
He Kills Persons
If They Pissed Them Off
My Mommy Will Tell Me
That If They Bother Her
Or Diss Her
She Will Kill Them With A Gun
She Usually Says She Is Not Inoccent
In Real Life
She Is She Is Bad BOOYAH BAD!
Exclaimed Alyssa
"Ok..O_O"Said Mrs.Jones Fearly
"And Well My Mom And Dad
Have A Good RelationShip
When I Don't Listen To Them
Daddy Screams At Me And Grounds...
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posted by silvaria_fan23
 My Life Is Life..
My Life Is Life..
Well I Had Other Rubii Stories But I Didn't Like
Them Because Well Her Story Sounded Like Boring Because Almost All The Irkens Have The Same Story That They Were Born With The Tallest And Send To A Mission And Blalalal
So I Made It Different XD
Rubii Was Born سے طرف کی Her Irken Mother Named (Roxii)
She Had A Husband Named Ramon
Roxii Was Real Happy About Her Daughter Rubii
Ramon Was Just Smirking And Glaring At Rubii
He Didn't Really Want To Make Roxii Pregnat But Oh Wells
Roxii Told Ramon To Hold The Baby So He Did He Grapped Her Softly He Was Smirking and Rubii Was Making A Pretty Funny Mad Look
And Roxii...
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“NO no no! HOW-how did….why…this-this is a dream it has to be!” she کہا as she quickly pinched herself to make sure she was awake. All she was greeted سے طرف کی doing so was pain. Hissing, she looked back at her reflection, “nope still short as a skit”. Signing, the azoth decided she was tired of not knowing anything and so she brought up her communicator that was disguised as a bracelet.

“N.A.R.A are آپ still functional?” she asked as she taped her machine-like friend to get some sort of response from it. Several سیکنڈ later a series of beeps and clicking was heard. After one...
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posted by InvaderCynder
"welcome,"yelled the red tallest,"to operation take over!" it was a سال before impending doom 2. this was a secret operation on a different planet than the assembly for impending doom. i was pretty small, but i knew i had to be an invader whether i wanted to یا not! luckily, i was a chosen invader سے طرف کی the tallest. they assigned me too a planet called "earth." it took 6 months too get there, but i made it! unfortunately, i didn't know that in 6 months impending doom 2 would start. when it did, i finally started Skool. i saw a young boy with a green head, no ears, and no nose."another irken?"...
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posted by InvaderCloud1
antennas:blue clouds
Suit: blue and white stripes
Sir unit: Misty
eyes turn from white to red when in range
then turn back to normal when calm

Nice side: kind and lovable
Bad side:evil and destructive

is extremely fast , intelligent , and well trained

Foods: waffles, and a irken sammich
Talent: flexibility
is easily دل broken
cares 4 all wierd creatures except dib

In love with: zim

Hates: Dib
Fav animal: bird
دوستوں Zim , Gaz , Gir , Mrs bitters میں, تلخاب

p.s. mrs bitters میں, تلخاب is creepy
Dream: being honored 4 a true invader
The end
posted by invaderlin123
ارے again guys stacey mcfiner here again!!!! and this time im not with invader lin!!! im with one of her ocs fluke lets ask him a few سوالات shall we owo

stacey: ارے fluke!!!
fluke: sup?
stacey: sooooo how old are u
stacey: can u tell us about urself 0w0
fluke: i rather not
stacy: why not 0.0
fluke: cause if i do i might get carried away and my fangirls will use it to chase me down and جنک, فضول so... no -.-
stacey: oh well then wats it like being and irken
fluke:uuuum i guess the word i would use is ''thrilling'' but its better then being a freakin slug i guess

stacey: what do آپ think about...
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Dib nodded his abnormally large head and moved the cursor towards "Christopher Membrane." He clicked, and it took a bit of time to load. His dad's website was very informative, so therefor, very slow.
Gaz waited impatiently. Once it loaded, she slapped Dib.

"Ow! What was that for?!" he asked.

Gaz gave a sly smile and replied. "So I could have the laptop."

Dib reluctantly stood up from his computer chair and pulled it out for his sister. He left the room and went into the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ to get a soda. Gaz slid down into the chair and read the article, which said:

"Professor Christopher Membrane-

Age: 35....
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 There he is
There he is
It was one horrible night on Planet Irk, the Irken homeplanet. There was the birth room full of millions of cloning tubes. One inperticular tube aquired a green happy face and a robot arm grabbed the tube and broke it in half. A small, green-eyed Irken smeet fell head-first to the ground. The robot arm quickly placed a Pak on his back and zapped him to life.

Robot Arm: Welcome to life, Irken child. رپورٹ for duty.

Irken Smeet: Can me has sammich?

Robot Arm: What? No! Get to the intellegence downloader!

The Irken Smeet walked over to the intellegence downloader and got knowlege downloaded into...
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posted by kiddygirl98
 this is the شبیہ for the club =)
this is the icon for the club =)
بنفشی, وایلیٹ may seem like a normal irken, but she isn't even CLOSE to normal. she's a highly dangerous experiment from the research facility on IRK. As soon as she was born, The tallest were called down to the reproduction facility to take a look. And as soon as they looked at her, they noticed something terribly wrong. She was a victim of the Djinn, a disease that dwells within the hearts of any species, including humans. But there's مزید to this disease because it makes آپ have two sides; a kind side and a homicidal killer side. But they have the djinn to protect them. The djinn's form is a ghost...
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posted by invaderlin123
''get back!!!'' i کہا with all my might. my best friend, saber beside me . saber and i were in a battle with some resistys also known as vorts. vorts are public enemy number one to us irkens. ''saber we cant stand a chance to them!!!!'' saber was injured and hurt but she was still standing. ''ida!!! we just have to keep going we can win this think of irk think of your mom and everything!!''
saber always knew what to say to me. thats why we were friends. '' okay!!!!'' i was injured as well. blood was pouring down my head and neck. belatrix not too far from me and saber was fighting a beast.
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