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 [HQ] 2016 IU Calendar Scans سے طرف کی IUmushimushi
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This IU تصویر contains ڈنر کپڑے, رات کے کھانے کے گاؤن, رسمی, شام کا گاؤن, رات کے کھانے کپڑے, رات کا کھانا گاؤن, پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ. There might also be گاؤن, gown, bridesmaid کی, غیرت کے نام پر نوکرانی, لوکنی, نوکرانی کا اعزاز, کاک کپڑے, میان, کوکٹیل, and لباس.

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Singer IU celebrated her 22nd birthday on May 16, and her شائقین added to the celebration سے طرف کی dedicating a forest to her!

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On May 16, IU's شائقین finally wrapped up the 'IU Forest Project', finishing a forest dedicated to IU. The singer is known to have donated income from concerts and پرستار meetings to charities helping out children and multi-cultural families, so her شائقین decided to do their own charity سے طرف کی benefiting the environment.

They collected $470,606 USD (5.16 million Won) to create the 'IU Forest', which is filled with Yonisho چیری, آلو بالو trees, Boxwood...
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Gong Hyo Jin’s statements regarding Kim Soo Hyun during a production conference for upcoming KBS2 drama “Producer” have a lot of people talking.

Discussing her co-star Kim Soo Hyun during the conference, the actress revealed that, “When Kim Soo Hyun is with me یا Cha Tae Hyun he is rather docile, but when he’s around IU he acts very manly.” She then turned around and complimented him, saying, “He is very sharp and intelligent. He’s just about the opposite of his dumb and clumsy character in the show.”

“He’s also a good singer,” she continued. “Our dressing rooms are...
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It's official. IU has a دل of gold!

There's this Korean app called 'su-reu-su-reu-man-su-reu' where people can post their wishes, and people can gift others with what they wish for.

On April 28, an 8th grade male student listed his wish for a guitar. He posted, "I want to learn گٹار until I break my fingers.

My goal is to play many instruments. One of them is the guitar."
He added, "But my parents won't allow me to learn the guitar. If I just had a guitar, there's nothing else I would wish for."

His wish was fulfilled as someone sent him a brand new guitar! It wasn't just a regular guitar...
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'Ssul Jeon' addresses the controversial topic of special college admission privileges دیا to celebrities

(content not related to ‪‎IU‬ ommitted)

Heo Ji Woong commented, "Now there are شخصیات مشہور who are giving up going to College," while naming Suzy, Yoo Seung Ho, Eunji, Taemin, and IU as the few idols/celebrities who decided in the past not to apply to college. Whether the decision was made due to the controversy یا their own personal philosophies, we will never know for sure.

Lee Yoon Suk brought up what IU had کہا in the past, praising her sensibility and responsibility. IU had said,...
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On a tropical night, a restless night
A special gift for آپ and I, Healing Camp
KCW: Hello, I’m Kim Changwan.
On this beautiful night, it’s Kim Changwan.
KCW: In life, we go through many hard times.
KCW: When the going gets tough,
Especially for you, the tired audience
KCW: rather than 100 words of consolation,
KCW: here’s a healing song.
KCW: Today, with this beautiful song,
(Text says the same thing, I think we can ignore it)
KCW: let’s share some genuine healing with everyone.
KCW: Here’s the first song.
Meaning of You
Lyrics سے طرف کی Kim Hanyoung, موسیقی سے طرف کی Kim Changwan
Another person that heals us...
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