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 "I love you."
"I love you."
What آپ saw on television, the دکھائیں itself, was the ten percent of the 'iceberg' above the water. But the majority of our time in the writer's room was spent constructing the part below it. The details. The timeliness. The intricate backstories... -Darlton

That is an excerpt from the آگے provided سے طرف کی Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for the official LOST Encyclopedia. I happen to own that glorious book and I thought I'd take a منٹ and share with آپ the highlights for us Jaters.

Kate's section on Jack's page
Jack was immediately attracted to Kate Austen after she mustered the courage to...
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Okay so I've had this idea in my head for a long time... pretty much since I did the "8 Reasons to ship Jate" article. This is kinda the same thing, just a little updated with مزید reasons and some reasons why people should ship Jate instead of Skate. Now I don't mean to offend anyone with the points I make about the Kate/Sawyer relationship, each to their own :)

10. Jack & Kate have a story, Sawyer & Kate have... er...

Way back in the pilot episode (I know, seems like a million years ago, eh? :P) when Kate stumbled out of the jungle and saw Jack, it became clear right there and then...
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posted by katie15
So I found these on fanforum...

“Surely what he feels for this woman isn't due to her possessing his pen. She seems to possess his very soul”

“Kate burns into his soul and will not let him loose”

“ Kate is complete with Jack سے طرف کی her side”

"Nothing is irreversible.". She clearly is imploring him not to give up on them”

“Jack looks at his rescuer...She has always been with him!”

“She tells him "It's over" but her eyes say somethings just about to start.”

“She is willing to پار, صلیب any gulf to bring Jack to her”

"...in a time when passion floated on a tropical evening breeze...
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Hit me, kick me, slap me, ذائقہ, مارنا me all آپ want for being late, but I come bearing gifts. Behold, it's the December FOTM interview with our ہولی Dolly!

1.WOOOOO, FOTM! And with HOLLY! Yaay! So, what does it feel like?
This is an honor to me! I still can't quite believe how accepting آپ guys are of me. I know I was such a brat in the past, and I'm just truly thankful to have been دیا a سیکنڈ chance!

2.Since we are such nosy people, we want آپ to tell us something about yourself.
Well, if آپ don't already know, I'm 21 & I live in Maryland [USA]. I'm obsessed with all things Brucas &...
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posted by backtoblack








17th -Filipa

3th Hannah


Any left out Jister-we just didn`t know your birthday!Let me now and you`ll be added!;)
Ok guys let me just tell آپ that it’s a story مزید than it’s a پرستار fiction I mean it’s not on the island and the characters have different jobs to suit the story yet the same personality. And you’ll find characters not from Lost no big parts for them though. I’m publishing it here because it’s about our پسندیدہ couple and I figured that may be you’ll like it :D Please تبصرہ and rate :D
‘What’s that dream’ Sawyer thought as he sat in his بستر uncomfortably. He’s been dreaming that dream ever since the wedding تاریخ has been set, and it’s all working as he’s to marry...
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posted by Emm_xD
Welcome to the Official Jate Jictionary! Here آپ will find all the meanings of Jatetastic words. If آپ wish to add to the Jictionary, please leave a Jomment :)


Jaby: This would be the name دیا to any child of Jack Shephard and Kate Austen. (would preferably be an extremely smart girl with freckles).

Jarlton: The relationship between Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Many quotes from Jarlton include "Jack is the guy she should be with. She genuinely loves him." // "Personally I think she should have to stay with Jack."

Jamily: Two possible meanings. One - the...
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posted by othfangirl129
 Image Credit goes to owner
Image Credit goes to owner
I was inspired سے طرف کی an مضمون on the Leyton (lucas/peyton from one درخت hill) spot, where a user made a Leyton ABC article, so I started thinking and realized I could make a Jate ABC's list, some letters might not be as good as others.

A: Angst, many Jate scenes are very Angst heavy and although it gets old sometimes, we all know we love a little Jate angst.

B: Black (Standard Black), the color used سے طرف کی Kate in the pilot to stich up Jack's wound. One of the main Jate stables.

C: Count to Five, the story that Jack told Kate on the دن of the crash, that both Kate and Jack have used in different...
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 I know آپ miss Blake as your icon, AM I RIGHT? :P
I know you miss Blake as your icon, AM I RIGHT? :P
Congrats on winning this FOTM Lucy, آپ totally deserve it!
-Wow Nat, آپ really did your homework didn't you? These سوالات were effing hard!

1. First off, why don't آپ start سے طرف کی telling us something about yourself that we don't know?
-I'll tell آپ three things: I'm a hairstylist. I have an unnatural love for cereal and eat it for two meals a دن and the only reason I don't eat it for a third is I worry about my health when only eating کوکو, نارجیل Pebbles. I can pretty much recite the movie Beauty and the Beast in it’s entirety.

 It starts with a J and ends with a ACK, and is made up of dead sexiness.
It starts with a J and ends with a ACK, and is made up of dead...
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 Eliza - backtoblack (Jeli)
Eliza - backtoblack (Jeli)
1.First of all - Why Jate? What's so special about them?
Well first of all Lost is my absolute پسندیدہ show, so it`s logical that my OTP is form it. And Jate…well Jate is just magic! I really can`t believe there are people who don`t love them! They were shown as THE couple of the دکھائیں since the very first episode! And their story developed in the most beautiful, intense, adorable, heartbreaking way! They made me cry, they made me laugh. Jack and Kate have it all: brilliant storyline, chemistry, amazing quotes, they went trough SO much together, and they are awesome characters on their own!...
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Sorry this is so late guys! The آم lover decided to be slooooow with sending me her جوابات ;)

1.) Jongrats Hannah! آپ are the new Jate FOTM!! How do آپ feel?
-I was super shocked. I mean I haven’t been on fanpop a lot in the last few months, یا on the jate spot, so I think it’s awesome that آپ guys voted me.

2.) Let's start with our standard سوال - Tell us about yourself!
-What about me? Okay I’m kinda a boring person, but I’m super hyper and kinda random. I’m 17, and I live in Chicago. I don’t really know what else to add, mangos are my پسندیدہ food, hmmm green is my favorite...
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 JONGRATS Irene <3
First off congratulations Irene, آپ really deserve this <3 I had fun asking آپ سوالات & seeing what your reply is.

1. Jongrats Irene! آپ won Jate FOTM, how does it feel?(:
It feels great! I feel so happy that I won, I have never won FOTM in any club and the fact that I won it at the Jate spot makes it so special! Thanks to all who voted me!

2. Tell all the lovely Jaters a little something about yourself?
Well, what can I say? I am 17, I go to school, I love my friends, موسیقی and books. And I want Jack in my life (don’t we all?).
 "I want Jack in my life (don't we all?)"
"I want Jack in my life (don't we all?)"...
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 Congrats Ola!
Congrats Ola!
I just wanted to say that whole credit for سوالات goes to Sophia. I'm just posting interview since she's being abset and she asked me to :)

1. How do آپ feel being the New Jate FOTM?
I'm so happy and suprised! But it feels great, thanks for everyone who voted on me. :)

2. Start سے طرف کی telling us something about yourself. :)
So, I'm Ola, I come form small city in Poland and I'm fifteen, in last class of middle school. I consider myself for tv junkie, shipping whore, کتابیں addicted and rock موسیقی prayer.

3. When and how did آپ start watching Lost?
The idea appeared in the half of August this year,...
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I know Emm already wrote these amazing مضامین with the best reasons we love Jate for,but I decided to take a look at some other kinda neglected moments.So here they are:

1.The way she looks at them.

Now as we know Kate`s the middle of the unfamous love triangle,so it should be her feelings that are questionable.
Well,I`ll just let the pictures to speak for themselves.
 Kate looks at Sawyer like this
Kate looks at Sawyer like this

 and she looks at Jack like that.:)
and she looks at Jack like that.:)

Can آپ see the love یا what?=)

2."You know where to find me"
..."You know where to find me too"
"House of the rising sun".SUCH a Jate episode!Anyone remember...
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posted by othfangirl129
 Jate is Epic (and Fate), credit goes to owner
Jate is Epic (and Fate), credit goes to owner
We all know that the couples of LOST are epic such as; Jate (duh!), PB&J (Charlie/Claire), Suliet (Sawyer/Juliet), DesPen (Desmond/Penny) are the obvious ones, then there are the other couples that most people love such as; Hurley/Libby, Sun/Jin, Daniel/Charlotte, Rose/Bernard and Shannon/Sayid, so what makes these couples so epic, espicially Jate?

1. All of the couples have a trademark scene/episode/moment.

Jate- The Story, TMFT, 'Because I love you', The proposal (ok so maybe Jate have مزید then one, but who کہا that was a bad thing?)

PB&J: The مونگفلی, مونگ پھلی butter!

Suliet: the LaFleur episode...
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 Jate FOTM of April
Jate FOTM of April
1. Jongrats Katie! آپ are the newest Jate FOTM! How do آپ feel?
Happy! Thanks to everyone who voted for me : )

2. Tell us about yourself!
Well I’m Katie (duh), I’m 18 and a college student in England. I love reading and writing... oh and I couldn’t live without موسیقی and diet coke!

3 Why, when and how did آپ start watching Lost? What attracted آپ to the دکھائیں and made آپ keep watching?
 started watching it though when I found out that Ian Somerhalder was in it
started watching it though when I found out that Ian Somerhalder was in it
I knew a lot of people that had seen the دکھائیں and I was intrigued سے طرف کی it. I only started watching it though when I found...
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posted by xoheartinohioxo
These really aren't in a particular order, except maybe the first 2 because I am obsessed with them right now ♥

'I'm sorry... Where do I remember آپ from?'
'I چرا لیا, چوری کی your pen'
'Oceanic 815. From Sydney. I bumped in to آپ coming out of the bathroom, and, I چرا لیا, چوری کی your pen.'
'And that's how I know you?'
'No, that's not how آپ know me.'
'I have missed you, so much.'

'Kate, آپ have about an گھنٹہ head start before they come after you.'
'Wait, where are you? Where are you?'
'You remember what I told آپ on the beach? The دن of the crash. Do آپ remember what story I told آپ when آپ were...
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 Jongrats,Kaidi <3
Jongrats,Kaidi <3
[since the گزشتہ winner,Cate,is not around for a while now,I'm posting Kaidi's interview.Quistions are asked سے طرف کی Cate though]

1.Jongrats to آپ Kaidi! آپ are the new Jate FOTM~ How do آپ feel?

Thanks! Wow, I feel really really REALLY suprised, because I don’t think I haven’t done anything to deserve the honour, but that’s definitely something I’m gonna remedy one day.

2. Okay, standard question: tell us something about yourself.

Um, I’m a currenly 16 سال old girl from Estonia. I love playing volleyball, I’m a huuuuuuge Jared Leto and Alexander Skarskard fangirl, a TV junkie and...
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 Our favourite Evol aka Nat.<3
Our favourite Evol aka Nat.<3
1. Standard question. Tell us something abort yourself. And something we don’t know yet.
What آپ don't know about me? Hmm... *ponders*
I seriously can't think of anything آپ don't know about me right now, except for the fact that I love cucumbers. And don't stare at me with those horny eyes, okay? I love the vegetable. When I was new to Fanpop I was a پرستار of every freaking thing {even Twilight related stuff *shudders*}, that means I was a پرستار of cucumbers, no kidding, there's a spot for that too. Then I decided I want to keep my spots as little as possible, so I had to unfan it, that hurt...
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posted by Emm_xD
I know what you're thinking. "oh god, here she goes again with another JKvsSK article..." but I seriously can't help myself with this one! :P

I've compared Jate and سکیٹ in general but I don't think I've compared their scenes. This is quite Kate-heavy - I wanted to دکھائیں her choices/the ways she looks at the guys, etc. Sooo, here we go!

Jate's first meeting VS Skate's first meeting.

Erm... apparently سکیٹ aren't epic enough to have their own first meeting *shrugs* let's just look at the amazingness that is the first JK scene instead (and also, check out the '5' on Kate's cheek - how much more...
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