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annorr2011 posted on Aug 06, 2021 at 11:15AM
Hi Jaqueline i love your books.My favourite books that you have wrote are Clean Break,the Tracy Beaker collection and My Sister Jodie.I am ten years old and my name is Anna.My God mother is coming tonight and I'm so excited to see her shes very kind and has two small kids.I love your fan club even though i just joined it.My dad came to visit me one day and we went in his grandads car i was asleep with my neese and when i woe up i was in the car upside down!!I was cold when i got out the car.Now my dad has been in 3 car accidents and fell down one drain.Also my nan didnt know that her cat e
was in the dirty washing pile and put it in the washing machine and the cat died.

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