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posted by bamiotto
ارے guys, i dont know if آپ heard about it, but Jane Lynch, Sue Sylvester from glee is coming to Palmetto-Florida for a fundraiser for Palmetto Rowing Crew on May, 14. The event includes the chance of winning 25,000 dollars for the first prize and much more, it also includes the honor of MEETING her (NOT ONLY THE WINNER, everybody who buys a ticket will meet her) , all آپ have to do is buy a ticket from one of the Crew members, for مزید information contact the email: palmettocrew@gmail.com ! LIMITED # OF TICKETS AVAIBLE!
Have آپ done something to make a change lately? There are a bunch of celebs who have taken time out of their busy schedules to stand up for what they believe in. The Do Something Awards are all about recognizing teens that have DONE something to change the world for the better. Everyone's پسندیدہ Glee enemy/cheer coach, Jane Lynch, is hosting the awards دکھائیں on July 19 on VH1.

There's some VERY tough competition happening. Natalie Portman, Jessica Biel, Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Salma Hayek are all up for awards. Both Matt and Leo are doing their part to bring attention to the clean water...
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