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 Jareth the goblin king himself!!!
Jareth the goblin king himself!!!
1. His beautiful british accent ("Sarah, don't defy me,")
2. His goregous wild blonde hair (I'd love to get my fingers tangled in it!)
3. His mismatched eyes (So quirky and mysterious!)
4. His pale skin (He makes Edward Cullen look darker!)
5. How he dresses (Damn...I love leather)
6. His riding crop (I won't even mention what I'm thinking!)
7. His power (I'd love to be his queen!)
8. His sultry, dark, melodic voice (I wanna listen to him all night long!)
9. His huge d*** (Won't mention my thoughts on that either!)
10. How romantic he is ("Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave," I'll be your slave, Jareth!!!)
11. His magic (I want a glass of دودھ and oreos, please!)
12. His confidence (Not ashamed of himself and he owns it!)
13. He hates Hoggle too!!! (That annoying little dwarf drives us the wrong way!!!!)
 Looking hot and mysterious are we?
Looking hot and mysterious are we?