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JoJo; ارے it;s jojo and did u know that i was on a episode of E true Hollywood story back in my younger days?
TV announcer: welcome to E true Hollywood story tonight we take a closer look at pop sensation JoJo
on December 20th 1990, pop سٹار, ستارہ Joanna Noelle Levesque was born to Stephanie Marie McMahon and Paul Michael Levesque in Greenwich ct, making her the 4th daughter and the oldest.
Jojo: growing up as a McMahon wasn;t easy especially when ur grandpa is the great Vince Mcmahon the owner of wwe.
over the years Jojo watched as her family ran/ and wrestled on wwe tv till she was 13 and earned a contract making her the youngest ever wwe superstar.
JoJo; I wanted to be a singer but when ur families running a wrestling business u kinda wanna make it easier on urself and them.
over the years she became a سٹار, ستارہ and eventually marries fellow wwe superstar Apollo Crews
 Jojo's real family
Jojo's real family
 JoJo's husband
JoJo's husband
posted by mypromstyle
ارے JoJo fans,

JoJo hosted a کنسرٹ at a real high school prom for and her record label Universal Motown. She even sang "Too Little Too Late" in between introducing other hot performers at the prom, Ashanti and Lloyd! آپ can watch the ویڈیوز from the prom at link, plus check out تصویر slideshows and JoJo's prom fitness tips.

Hope آپ like them! Thanks, JoJo, for making a dream prom come true!
NEW YORK — It's practically become a rite of passage for teen pop stars — if آپ want to پار, صلیب over to the big screen, it might help to channel a little Joan Jett. That's what Britney Spears did in "Crossroads," when she sang along to "I Love Rock 'N Roll," and now JoJo follows suit, in her upcoming film debut, "R.V."

"I made a conscious decision not to play a singer in a movie, so I'm definitely not [singing for real]," she said. "But in one of the scenes, I have to put on an iPod and just sing very off-key to a song I had no idea existed before, a song سے طرف کی Joan Jett. It's so out of character...
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posted by LisaForde
1. She has an incredible singing voice for her age(18)

2. She is sensible ,no shaving head یا dating loads of guys (Better than Lindsay Lohan)

3. She can act(aquamarine & RV)

4. Her style rocks ,kinda Hip Hop/girly

5. Her موسیقی is brillant

If آپ like to add مزید on please do so

JoJo پرستار & Enchanted Fan!!!!!!!!!!

Few things آپ didn't know about her

1.She's half polish and Irish

2. She started singing aged 8

3. she dated freddie adu

4. Her first album was released in 2004