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posted by calleigh1995
Okay heres the thing Jorja لومڑی is so good at acting but then she quit csi. Why did she quit csi? I'll tell آپ why because the director never renewed her contract and she felt that she needed time to think about what they where doing to her on the دکھائیں once they tried to blow her up then they trapped her under a car to teach Gil Grissom a lesson. Now they are doing there best to get sara back into the دکھائیں some of her other roles in other فلمیں and دکھائیں where great to but I think that this is the best role again they choose only the best and when I become an actress I hope to be as good and successful as Jorja لومڑی is she is going to be back on the دکھائیں and will still be the best girl for the role
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