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posted by Sonicfan67
In a park...
Jules:I just love the night times.they are so peaceful.the only thing that I love about night times is the moon.it's so beautiful I wish it would stay there forever.(sighs)
(A dart hits on jules' neck)
Jules:what the hell?I....feel...strange...
(Jules passes out from the dart)
Dr.Eggman:you are gona be ready for my expirment!(evil laughs)
In a room...
(Jules is trap in a machine and Jules wakes up)
Jules:what the fuck?who trapped me in here?
Dr.Eggman:I did Jules.
Jules:Eggman?get me the fuck out of this machine یا I will kill you!
Dr.Eggman:no!I want to see what will happen if I use this...
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posted by Julesthehedghog
Renee: soo wanaa help?

Jules: sure!

Renee: okay *picks acorns*

Jules: ready...set...GO!!!!! *grabs 20 baskets and surrounds درخت with basket* okay now i don't need to pick *kicks درخت and all the acorns tell into the 20 baskets* chores are some!!! XD

Renee and Ray: *opens mouth big and drops baskets *

Renee: but need to take in my house...

Jules: no problem!! *picks up 20 acorn baskets and puts inside Renee house* job is finish!!

Renee and Ray: OMG.........

Ray:hey let's have a morning,walk shall we?

Renee and Jules: okay

(While Jules,Renee,and کرن, رے area walking eggman pop out of no where)

Eggman: i want...
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I saw the link down at the bottom and I decided to put this video for you,Jules
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posted by Sonicfan67
(Jules gets dressed after taking a shower)
Jules:what did I turn into last night?I will know how!I'll use this scanner machiene to see what happened.
(Jules lays on the scanner)
Scanner voice:Jules the hedgehog has turned into a werehog.
Jules:(gasps)this can't be true!I can't tell anyone.
In 7:00 pm...
Jules:hey shadow!would آپ like to go on a تاریخ with me?
Jules:the park.
Me:I'm going too.
Shadow:why the hell would we let آپ come?
Me:I need to protect آپ guys if anything bad happens.
Shadow:fine but just this once.
At the park...
Shadow:this is so great!nothing can possibly...
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Jules: plz help me......
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