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1. Yonghwa was born in 1989.06.22.
2. Yonghwa’s birth place is Busan.
3. Yonghwa’s Body secrete –> There’s Red dot on his arm.
4. Yonghwa has a nickname when he was young, thats “Yong Yong”.
5. Yonghwa’s پسندیدہ seasons are Spring and Winter.
6. Yonghwa کہا he want to get married when he wants to, no care about age.
7. Yonghwa wanna has two children when he got married.
8. Q: “What type of father do آپ want to be?” Yonghwa کہا he wanna be father like a friend.
9. Here are Yonghwa’s پسندیدہ fashion brand : Lanvin, Givenchy Watanabe Junya and Comme des Garcons.
10. Yonghwa’s...
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