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In my school everyone hates Justin Bieber ..But I dont understand why?If there is any Justin hater here please tell me why do آپ hate him...In my school when I ask my دوستوں why do آپ hate him?
here are the reasons:-
1:-He has a squeaky voice
2:-He has a stupid Haircut
3:-He Showoffs all the time.
and I think he never does these things..Okay are they jealous of him that he is just 16 and is a big Pop singer..and everybody loves him.Well I dont know
and besides these are not the reasons to hate someone.If he is a Dork why are his songs big hits?
Do u have a answer for that?and when I say I love him..They dont talk to me for دن and are making this a big issue.
Well I will Keep loving him..Do u have any problem with that?
Lets Shutout for Justin!
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Down to Earth Lyrics

Oh, Ou, Oh, Ouuu, Ohhh
I never thought that it be easy
Cause we both so distance now
And the walls are closing in on us
And we're wondering how
No one has a solid answer
But just walking in the dark
And آپ can see the look on my face
It just tells me apart

So we fight (so we fight)
Through the hurt (through the hurt)
And we cry and cry and cry and cry
And we live (and we live)
And we learn (and we learn)
And we try and try and try and try

So its up to آپ and its up to me
That we meet in our middle way
On our way back down to earth
Down to earth, down to earth
On our way back down to earth...
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Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario, and was raised in Stratford, Ontario[citation needed]. Bieber's mother, Patricia Lynn "Pattie" Mallette, was 18 years old when she became pregnant with her son. Mallette, who worked a series of low-paying office jobs, raised Bieber as a single mother in low-income housing. Bieber has maintained contact with his father, Jeremy Jack Bieber, who married another woman and had two children. Bieber's paternal great-grandfather was a German immigrant to Canada. His mother's ancestry is French Canadian.

During his childhood, Bieber was interested...
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Ok so I think that as fans. We should make a J.B Justin Bieber fundraiser. So what we could do is میل ای and chat also post ways we can make money too make a contry tour for Justin Bieber to visit us indivisually. We will well give them the money we earned for each state we live in. The we is his manager and people. To use the money for flights and stuff. We could make a big difference. So this is how we are going to pass it on. We میل ای , chat and pass it on. So we need information from our fans. Who his manager is and their address. This would be so awesome for the group. Maybe your friends...
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Justin Bieber ft. Ester Dean - Take آپ To Rio (New Song 2011)
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