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Please don't spoil yourself if آپ have't finished reading the manga till the latest chapter [66]. XD This is a پرستار made video of all current kissing scenes of Usui & Misaki from "Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!" ♥
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Now I started watching the عملی حکمت 'Maid-Sama' for quite a time now and honestly I have no clue on how to give that opinion. Usually it's girl and guy are together, the End. Everything's happy right? The MAIN couple goes through a happy ending, therefore, everything in that world is okay, but is it?

Consider the character Hinata, the childhood friend of Misaki. I will be biased here, since I my favor leans toward Hinata more. He was very loyal in fact to Misaki and so optimistic about being with her. Doesn't this sound familiar to some? Loyalty to be with another even when your apart? I know...
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