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Harold and Kumar will be back for مزید drug-induced antics.

After starring in the first two “Harold and Kumar” films, Kal Penn, quit acting to work at the White House, not a White Castle. His character on “House” was controversially killed off this past season to allow Penn to leave for Pennsylvania Avenue.

According to TV Guide, Penn is starting his political career this summer at the Office of Public Engagement, mainly working with the Asian American and Pacific Islander and arts communities.

Warner Bros. has set a November 2010 release تاریخ for the third film in the “Harold and...
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posted by Dundiechampion
If we make a new spot we want to make it popular. Recently I made a new spot so when I wanted to send a message to all my دوستوں about it I got tired of typing individual messages so I quit. So we should be able to send one message to all our دوستوں at the same time if necessary. Also there should be an area that says "new spots" on the ہوم page so that people can see what has been recently created and if they want to شامل میں the particular spot. It would really make the people who created the spots happy because they could get some good publicity.

سے طرف کی the way I made a new spot about Kal Penn, the indian guy from the وین wilder movies, Harold and Kumar go to white castle, and Epic Movie.