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My sifu,
You're my baby;
Your kungfu
Keeps آپ shapely;
When elements get toasty,
You're in the mood to boogie!
If company
Gets shady,
Our moves
Are ever ready
And our grooves are

We stepped and slid on the dance floor,
Your every اقدام I did so adore;
Your hands drew water from the air;
Soft light filtered through your hair;
The rhythm in your body captured,
You closed your eyes in music, enraptured;
A lovely smile shone through your lips,
As آپ moved your feet and swayed your hips;
Passion burned us as we danced--
Action returned for action enhanced;
Every اقدام آپ made a complement
To the steps...
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Aang woke up with a quick start. He looked around the tiny camp آگ کے, آگ at all his freind sleeping, and slowly his دل began to slow. He slid down Apaas side a stretched, trying his hardest not to wake anyone up, he tiptoed past Sokka, who was moaning in his sleep, " Please mister chicken i promise ill go vegie..". Smiling to himself he carried on his silent walk, he stopped a few metres from Tophs tent, and lightly as possible he jump from the ground and landed in a tree. Jumping from branch to branch he reached his destination, the edge of the cliff. he sat wide eyed waiting for the moment...
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right so basically we are staring from the point aang and katara kiss............

"Come with me, Katara," Aang whispered to Katara. Ktara looked blank and confused when she replied, " Go? Go where?". Aang smiled and grabbed her hand dragging her back to where Sokka, Sukie and Toph stood. "Guys, i think we shoud go on another trip, this time a funner one, this time maybe we can really see it and not be hiding," Aang didnt understand he thought everyone would be happy but instead they just looked at the groud, eventually Katara said," Aang, we cant we have to go ہوم we havent seen our family...
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