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Josh Holloway says he and his Lost co-star Evangeline Lilly have become great دوستوں through filming love scenes together.

The hunky actor insists his off-screen friendship with Evangeline has blossomed because of how close their characters - Sawyer and Kate - have become.

Josh told New: “Evangeline and I have such a great friendship now. And we trust each other so much as actors that we are able to actually live it. Our friendship has deepened. When you’re trying to work honestly, it’s natural that آپ become closer as friends. It’s definitely
not a sexy thing. When you’ve got 80 people...
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posted by gracery
Sawyer and Kate graced us with so many great quotes, ranging from funny to romantic to downright heartbreaking. I thought I'd take it upon myself to compile them all in one place.

Season One

Kate: "You decided to شامل میں us."
Sawyer: "I'm a complex guy, sweetheart."

[everyone but Sawyer runs from the polar bear]
Kate: "Sawyer!" [turns to run back to him]
Sayid: "Let him go!"

Sawyer: "I know your type."
Kate: "I'm not so sure."
Sawyer: "Yeah, I know girls like you."
Kate: "Not girls exactly like me."

Sawyer: "It's about time."
Kate: "For what?"
Sawyer: "I made this birthday wish four years ago."

Sawyer: "Are...
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 "You taste like strawberries."
"You taste like strawberries."
What آپ saw on television, the دکھائیں itself, was the ten percent of the 'iceberg' above the water. But the majority of our time in the writer's room was spent constructing the part below it. The details. The timeliness. The intricate backstories... -Darlton

That is an excerpt from the آگے provided سے طرف کی Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for the official LOST Encyclopedia. I happen to own that glorious book and I thought I'd take a منٹ and share with آپ the parts that included Skate.

Sawyer's section on Kate's page
Both killers, criminals, and con artists, Kate and Sawyer were kindred spirits,...
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posted by lost_Skater
Damon: Kate is raising Claire's son, Aaron, as her own. She knows that Claire, who was Aaron's mother, is now gone, and the only way that she can protect Aaron is to say he is hers. And we later realize, emotionally, Kate's still reeling from Sawyer's decision to jump off the helicopter. This man that she really loved left her, abandoned her, decided to stay behind on the island. She's trying to heal the emotional scar left سے طرف کی Sawyer taking himself out of the equation.

Carlton: Our characters have these encounters with things that that took place in the island's past and none is any مزید significant...
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posted by sahour95
I was thinking the other دن about writting a story for Sawyer and Kate , and I came up with something . i't not like a پرستار fiction یا any thing just the same charecters .
here how it will be :I'll write a chapture every sunday until the end of the story . we'll call it "I wanna love آپ for ever".there are مزید coupes involved but Sawyer and Kate are the main .I'll except any segustions from آپ .(it's the first time I write astory in English so forgive for spelling mistakes and grammer , and tell me when I make one please)
"Jack Shephered", breaking up with him probably was the best thing...
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Wanted to share (:

- S5 planned for last week of Jan
- We will return to Penny and Desmond but Sonya Walgner is in high demand in her current دکھائیں on HBO, but we will use her again when she is available.
- اگلے season time slots - depend on what happens with these اگلے 5 epi after greys no one knows.
- No تبصرہ about if there were حالیہ filming secnes in London.
- The end of the series is the END not planning on leaving it open ended.
- Danielle and Karl fate decided in Episode 4x09 - They were shot with bullets.
- They do NOT regret picking an end تاریخ and they lobbied for it since Season 1 and...
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I know I کہا every Sunday,but may be I will not be able to write every sunday . so I'll write whenever I can .
I left the place after that.Of course, I was crying . Trying to understand what just happened , did I just lose my feance and the man I love . suddenly I hited a person , یا a man . I looked at him , he was strong,handsome,blond, with blue eyes , he looked very sad . I felt something when I looked at him , He looked at me too for about a سیکنڈ , then he کہا :
"Oh I'm sorry , I didn't mean ..."
"No it's ok , it was my fault I wasn't looking in front of me"I repeated . Then we started...
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the اگلے week was an ordnary week, nothing remarkable happened except that Sawyer use to come regularly every day. But then at friday something happened.when I was looking in the newspaper for an apartment , and unfotunetly , none of them fits for me .I suddenly heard knoking on the door "who is it?"I کہا "room service"a man ansewred . I opened the door and I saw Sawyer in front of me ,so I smiled and کہا " Sawyer, I didn't thought آپ work here!!"
-"funny..how are you?"
-"I'm ok thank آپ ... come in"
he came in and saw the newspaper so he کہا :",still looking for an apartment"
-"yeah but...
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posted by highlights
I honestly think that there is hope for Skate. And I think that Sawyer still has feelings for Kate. After the season finale, and him looking at Kate when Bernard was talking about only caring about being together, how could that NOT mean something? Especially with how sad Sawyer looked after looking at her...I mean, I know he does love Juliet. But I think he still has feelings for Kate, and I don't think they'll ever go away. I think he belongs with Kate. And I was never really convinced that Kate belonged with Jack....I really hate that pairing. At the end, I really hope it's Kate and Sawyer together. After all that we Skaters have seen them go through, I really think Sawyer&Kate deserve their happiness with each other. They always had some problem come up and tear them apart....I don't want to have spent all this time rooting for them to go to waste. And after all of their little moments in season 5, I still have hope for them...So I hope everyones not gave up hope.
posted by sahour95
Ok don't kill me guys,it's just I wanted to say this.
Now as we atched La Fluer we saw Sawyer very happy with Juliet whiche made me believe that SKate has ended.Before آپ kill me lets be reasonable,first Sawyer told Juliet in The little prince,That he didn't talk to Kate یا touch her coze"What's done is done"Which made me think that he can't take back what happened and she's gone he have to get over her.Now on the other hand Kate doesn't care any مزید about him.She got over him completly,she didn't even bother asking about Lock about him.That made me mad first but when I watched La Fluer and...
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After what happened between Sarah and Micheal,of course they broke up.Although I was very sure that Sarah still in love with Micheal.But something good happened to us in that time,when Derek asked Meredith to marry him.She کہا yes,of course,so we had busy two weeks in planing the wedding.We didn't have the time to talk about Sarah and Micheal thing.But something else made worry,Sawyer I felt that he's trying to tell me something but he just don't know how to say it.Although he says that he's ok still I feel he's worried about something.I talked to Sarah about it the night before the wedding...
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After a wonderfull night I spent with Sawyer in Paris,we went back to L.A.Amazing one ماہ passed after that night,Istarted to think that I found my happily ever after.But unfotuntly there's no happily ever after..Not in this world....
probloms began but not with us but with the people around us.Suddenly two ew دوستوں showed upafter six months travelling ,withno news about them.Their names were Rober Chase and Alison Cameron .They were both doctors ,but apearently they had lots of probloms, bcause Robert loved Alison more,that is why I never heard of them because they were toooo far away...
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One ماہ passed on the very same situation . Nothing really worths mention . But some stuff happened with me and Sawyer , we got closer . but still niether of us made thefrst step.cause I wanted him to start ,and I think he was just not ready to make the first step, at least not now...
Sarah invited me to live with her since she wants a partner and she کہا I'd be perfect for that,I agreed ,of course. But I felt that she was planing to do somethig with Meredith , but I didn't ask her.Until one دن we decided to go to paris for a week , just for fun.I spent one amazing week there , and I...
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I couldn't waite until Derek comes , I just wanted to see Sawyer.I was totally in love with him.But what I didn't find an explnation to it was why Derek would want to take me to Meredith's house ,is he just being nice to me , یا he wants to tell me something !!.Two منٹ later Derek came .we got in his car,while we were in our way to Meredith's house I felt like he wanted to tell me something but he didn't know how to say it.so I told him "Derek I know آپ want to tell me something ,so why don't آپ just say it"
"Ok...."he repeated "Sawyer and I are دوستوں since we were six years old .I...
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when we got there,a young strong man oppened the door.He was about twenty one years old."Hi Saywer"he کہا to Sawyer "How are you??","I'm ok"answered Sawyer.then he کہا talking to me ارے آپ must be Kate ,hi I'm Clark Kent"
-"Nice to meet آپ mr.Kent"
-"Mr.Kent !!!!No please call me Clark"
-"Ok Clark".A bueatifull young woman came to us when we got into the house she said:
"Hi Sawyer ,how are you"."I'm fine Lana thank آپ hunny".Then she کہا to me "You're Kate right.I'm Lana Clark's feancee"
-"nice to meet you"
-"oh please let me take your cought"
-"thank you".Then Sawyer looked at me like he...
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posted by sahour95
Of letting him kissing her .I think because she was stripped so bare , when Sawyer says "I was trying to give آپ hope ". the idea that in all his hell broke he was trying to protect Kate broke her down .It opened her up to offer him this little nugget of love , which was her kiss. Even after she did it , she still was afraid to admit why she did it. He asks "what was that for?" she says "I don't know" when clearly she knows . Obviously , the actual answer is "I love آپ , and I don't know ho to say it , because I'm afraid to say it" .He's so much like her, when she says that , he hears it 'I love you' and then he kisses her back . I think writers did it so beautifully because it was real and grown up !
posted by sahour95
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