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posted by IngridPresley
■ تاریخ of Birth: March 9 1972 (pisces)

■ Birthplace: Exton, Pennsylvania

■ Height: 5’10″

■ Education: یونیورسٹی of Vermont with a BS degree in accounting

■ پسندیدہ TV Show: Seinfeld, reruns every night at 7:30pm. “I never miss it.”

■ پسندیدہ Meal: “Breakfast: bacon, eggs, the works.”

■ Role Model: Father and Grandfather

■ پسندیدہ Hobbies: Computer games, cooking, and writing music

■ پسندیدہ Book: A Time to Kill

■ پسندیدہ Vacation Spot: Negril, Jamaica

■ پسندیدہ Sport: سکینگ & Golfing

■ پسندیدہ Actress: “Meg Ryan. She’s so quirky.”

■ پسندیدہ Actor:...
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