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The Weirdest Things I do...

I....weird stuff,weird people,and weird personality. I know and have some of those examples,but I think weird is kind of good. To my opinion I think is good because it shows ways that آپ are different. I'm weird and I don't give a shit so, being weird mainly makes آپ unique. People may think your crazy یا weird but he یا she may not understand آپ like some people don't understand me. So....I گیا کیا پوسٹ this because i'm telling آپ guys i'm weird. I'm not ashamed,but though I am allowing myself to be embarrassed. Is fine if آپ laugh یا make fun of me because it won't...
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I'm a موسیقی Guru to different موسیقی and maybe some knowledge to artist. I mostly listen to Rap,Heavy Metal, ,Metal,Pop,ElectroPop, Hard Rock,Alternative Metal, Adult Contemporary, Hip-hop,Christian music.

1.We As Human "Strike Back"

2.Icon For Hire "Fight"

3. Banshee - Parasite

4.TLC - Turntable

5.Crush 40 - Sonic Youth

6.Andy Mineo I Ain't Done

7.Kris Allen "Live Like We're Dying"

8. Family Force 5 - Paycheck

9. Shontelle -Impossible"

10.Kevin Gates- I Don't Get Tired
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tng animations
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I just figured out another way to have fun,but I never thought taking selfies would interest me because I was never a تصویر person. Now,I have some other ideas that may help آپ cheer up from boredom. If this doesn't help you,well sorry it helps me.

1.Take selfies with a phone,tablet,or digital camera.

2.Make پرستار fiction stories.

3. Dance like your crazy یا do the Harlem Shake.

4. Spin around circles on سب, سب سے اوپر of your bed,chair,table,etc.

5.Sing a song آپ love.

6.Prank call یا text people.

7.Draw something یا build something than....DESTROY IT!!!

8.Go outside and ride on a skateboard,bicycle,scooter,...
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I just got bored,so I decide to share my disagreement in things. آپ may share یا not share things I have in common. I only dislike things,but I don't hate except for my supernatural enemy...

1.No,Cheez-it taste unusual and disgusting.

2.I dislike bullys who think their better than others. I have been bullied mostly.

3.I can't cope with prejudice people.

4. People who think spending time on the Internet to argue is worth the time

5. Bossy people is not what I feel comfortable being around with.

6.Overconfident people sometimes nag depends on the situation.

7.I dislike very immature people,but i'm...
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Here are the procedures

1.Listen to loud موسیقی like Metal یا Rap.

2.Drink Caffeine like Tea,Coffee,and Soda.

3.Jump around like an idiot.

4.Play video games all night

5. Listen to موسیقی with earplugs یا headphones

6.Wet your face with cold water یا cold water with ice

7.Drink a energy drink


9.Eat much candy

10.instead of cold water,burn yourself with hot water(lol)

Maybe I'll make مزید stuff.....If آپ want me to make more,post in the تبصرے what do آپ want me to make up...
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1.I Love Dbzonic. He's funny,awesome, and sweet.

2. Good I mean good in general no evil

3.Doritos are delicious and crunchy.

4.Spicy,hot buffalo sauce, hot chesters fries 😂,diablo sauce from ٹیکو bell, jalepenos,

5. Chilli Dogs Like Sonic!

6. Playing video games...

7.Playing sports like football,


9.Black Cats a lot

10. عملی حکمت and Sonic the hedgehog!

11. Exercise/Fitness

12. ھٹی, ترش Candy.

13.Red and Violet

14. Metal such as Alternative Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal


16. If rock is too loud,than your either too old,boring, یا not hardcore enough.



19.Icon For Hire

20.Seafood like fish
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I overreact to things and if I don't like it یا get it,I give آپ the WTF look.

1. When Miley Cyrus was singing "Wrecking Ball" in the 2014 VMA,she had a cat flying in space over her in the screen. The cat was looking adorable...

2.When I saw the موسیقی video "Turn down for what!?!" سے طرف کی DJ Snake feat. Lil Jon. Me:Why the hell do I see boobs and dicks popping?????? This was the worst of the weirdest موسیقی video.....

3. Sonic 06' is bad for is glitches,but when آپ see a character stuck in the air,upside down in a wall,or Sonic rolling around like gravity is pulling him in the last Act of Wave Ocean, I laugh and give آپ the WTF look.

4.Remembering when Spongebob characters dances but twerks. Totally awkward.....

5. When I'm doing work یا focusing on something,someone starts yelling

Me: WTF is going on dude?