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posted by karlyluvsam
Oooh yeahh yeah,
I'm your basic average girl,
and I'm here to save the world,
آپ cant stop me 'cuz I'm kim-poss-ible!
there is nothin' I cant do,
when danger calls, just know that I'm on my wayyyy
it doesn't matter where, doesn't matter when there's trouble,
if آپ just call my name
call me, beep me,
if آپ wanna reach me
when آپ wanna page me, its ok
know when آپ need me baby,
call me, beep me
if آپ wanna reach me
doesn't matter where,
doesn't matter when (doesn't matter when)
i will be there till the very end
danger یا trouble,
I'm there on the double,
آپ know آپ can always call my name
(so, what's the stitch?)
call me, beep me, if آپ wanna reach me!
posted by InvaderCynder
Kim opened her locker and got her Social Studies book. Rufus jumped at her from the سب, سب سے اوپر of the computer with a "high ya!" she fell to the floor in surprise. "RUFUS!" she scolded. he hung his head in shame and ran over to Ron, scurrying into his pocket. "mole rats." she کہا with a shake of the head. "NAKED تل, مول RAT." he corrected.she shook her head with a "i don't care" smirk and closed the locker. as Kim turned around she bumped into somebody and dropped her book.

"oh my gosh!I'm so sorry!"the girl apologized. "it's ok." Kim کہا as she raised her head to see who she had bumped into. the...
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Hello fello Shego fans! If آپ are interested in joining a فورم where آپ can interact with other fans, شامل میں Shego' Place (link below)! If آپ are مزید of a پرستار of the Kim Possible series, that is fine. There is fun for آپ too! This فورم includes a section for small talk, and additional sections for Kim Possible series/Shego discussion. On سب, سب سے اوپر of that, آپ can make دوستوں that last a lifetime.

There is a link section where آپ can post your own links. For example: Deviantart, forums, Facebook. This is a good place to promote your own sites. They don't have to be on-topic sites.

Make sure,...
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Hi everyone! I'm Giulia Modesto and I am a big پرستار of Kim Possible! Firstly I
like this series because everybody says that I look like her! I've always wanted
to become a real actress, so I attended two acting courses and a cinema course,
and I also acted in a short movie. My biggest dream is playing the role of Kim
Possible in a new Disney Production! So I'd like to ask if you, KP fans, can
help me please...

I've created this petition
Sign if آپ support me please :-)
It's a real important thing for me, آپ could make my dream come true!

It can also be a good opportunity to fight for a new Production about Kim

آپ can check me out on my YouTube channel