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Two of my پسندیدہ things, Paramore and Kingdom Hearts! Credit goes to dangerstrichards on youtube for creating it :)
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Wensday January 14 2009-morning:at school.

Okay, the other night i was listening to my mp3 player and playing kingdom hearts. a couple songs came on and i instantly thought that those songs are perfect for the game. I also thought that some other songs are good for the game, یا if somebody wants to make an AMV for the game, then they could use a song from this list. These are good songs.
Listen to your heart(techno)-DHT
Somewhere i belong-Linkin Park
Nobody's listening-Linkin Park
پمپ it-Black Eyed Peas
(This is) How YOu Remind Me-Nickleback
Scars-Papa Roach
When it...
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KH (Birth سے طرف کی Sleep)- Vanitus fought Ventus for his body which after he cheated and somehow won سے طرف کی losing, tore out Ventus from his body (not literally, he was taken out but somehow made it to Sora who started the mess from square 1). Sora forgot about after about a ماہ یا so. When darkness came to the island, Ventus stained Sora's دل so Sora could use the Keyblade while Ven was sleeping.

KH- When Sora stabbed himself, didn't آپ notice 8 hearts instead of 7 (seven princess of hearts)? The 8th would have been Ventus because Sora never left the room until after he became a Heartless which...
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