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posted by dressedtokill
Kiss album sales worldwide

Kiss Kiss 1974 1500000
Kiss Hotter Than Hell 1974 1500000
Kiss Dressed to Kill 1975 1500000
Kiss Destroyer 1976 4000000
Kiss Rock n Roll Over 1976 3000000
Kiss Love Gun 1977 3000000
Kiss Dynasty 1979 3500000
Kiss Unmasked 1980 2000000
Kiss The Elder 1981 1000000
Kiss Creatures of the Night 1982 1000000
Kiss Lick It Up 1983 2000000
Kiss Animalize 1984 2000000
Kiss Asylum 1985 1500000
Kiss Crazy Nights 1987 2000000
Kiss Smashes Thrashes 1988 3500000
Kiss Hot in the Shade 1989 1500000
Kiss Revenge 1992 1500000
Kiss Psycho Circus 1998 1000000
Kiss Alive! 1975 6000000
Kiss The Originals 1976 300000
Kiss Alive II 1977 3500000
Kiss Double Platinum 1978 3500000
Kiss Alive III 1993 1000000
Kiss Unplugged 1996 1000000
Kiss آپ Wanted the Best 1996 750000
Kiss Greatest Kiss 1997 1500000
Kiss Carnival of Souls 1997 300000
Kiss Very Best Of 2002 1000000
posted by rockstarbrands
There is a cool CNN special coming up on October 23 all about the KISS brand. The video promo follows this post. If آپ are a KISS پرستار you’ll definitely want to watch, but I think as a پرستار of the music-to-marketing analogy آپ will find it very intriguing.

KISS arrived on the scene in the mid 1970s and immediately put the fear of God into parents, teachers, and religious leaders. KISS wasn’t just a rock band, they were a fire-breathing, devil-worshipping, rock ‘n’ roll circus. An entire generation fell in love with the band and enlisted in the KISS Army, their parents helpless to stop...
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Kiss is one of the most مقبول bands in the world, and is also one of the most recognizable brands. This has been accomplished largely due to the marketing genius of bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons, though fellow vocalist/guitarist Paul Stanley deserves credit too. In fact, it could be کہا that Kiss is Gene and Paul, as the remaining two original members, guitarist Ace Frehley and ڈرمر Peter Criss, haven’t played with the band in over ten years. Those roles are now filled سے طرف کی Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, respectively. But could Kiss live on without Gene and Paul?

According to Stanley,...
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It looks like Gene Simmons is finally ready to settle down after asking girlfriend of 28 years Shannon Tweed to marry him.

Simmons, 61, made the proposal in front of cameras on the season finale of Gene Simmons: Family Jewels.

“I come with so much baggage, but you’re the only friend I’ve got, ” Simmons told Tweed. “You’re the only one I’ve ever loved … I used to watch فلمیں where they say, ‘I can’t live without you,’ but for me it’s true.”

A rep for the rocker confirmed to RumorFix that Gene and Shannon really are engaged. We never thought we’d see the day!
posted by fanbase
There are really great تصاویر of Kiss with the new tour. We can see how the band members have subtly changed over the years. For close up تصاویر of Kiss as they are right now, go to link
and check out the تصاویر in their slide show. آپ can compare the تصاویر to how Gene and Paul looked from دن one, and see that even though they wear the same make up, they look different with it than they did when they first started out. آپ can see there has been a change behind the masks, so to speak.
Check out the تصاویر and see if آپ can tell a difference. Especially the شائقین who were the Kiss شائقین from the beginning.
posted by twilighter4evr
 my first کنسرٹ tour
my first concert tour
I've been a Kiss پرستار my entire life no thanks to having three sisters 8, 10, & 13 years older then me who all listened to the band daily. The one thing I've learned is that they are something worth listening to & the best band to see live in concert. I'm gonna tell آپ my many years of seeing the hottest band in the world in concert.

Revenge in 1992 was my first کنسرٹ I went to. I was in the 8th grade the کنسرٹ was around Christmas so tickets were super cheap only $25 each. So I went with my big Sister Tammy who is my Kiss کنسرٹ buddy now and forever. The کنسرٹ was so amazing...
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KISS was named to Smartasses.Net's سب, سب سے اوپر 25 Metal Songs of all time on Monday, May 30th 2011 when the مقبول online magazine revealed their all time فہرست in a حالیہ article. Smartasses is best known for their annual سب, سب سے اوپر 100 Sexiest Women فہرست that comes out every St. Patrick's Day. This past March saw Odette Yustman Annabelle named the Sexiest Woman Alive. As for KISS, they came in 101th place on Smartasses.Net's all time فہرست for their song, "Detroit Rock City". Click here to see the entire فہرست link