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Naeun پروفائل ^_^

"Let’s work hard enough to not regret later"

Full Name: Son Naeun (손나은)

Stage Name: Naeun (나은)

Nickname(s): Manyeo (Witch), Gotonyeo (Potato Girl), Son Yeoshin, Heodang, Jungshim (Center)

Date Of Birth: 10th Of February, 1994

Birthplace/Hometown: Seoul

Education: Junhyun Kindergarten - Unbuk Elementary School - Chungdam Middle School - Apgujung High School - Seoul Of Performing Arts High School

Height: 168 cm

Blood Type: B

Weight: 47kg

Hobbies: Drawing, Thinking/Drawing While
Listening To Music

Personality: Dull and Not Expressive. Usually not the first one to start a conversation...
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A گلابی Naeun Encourages شائقین To Watch 'Second Twenty'

Girl group A Pink's member Son Naeun encouraged her شائقین to watch her new drama "Second Twenty."

"We're going to Thailand. See you, Thai fans, tomorrow. And also, don't miss Naeun on tvN 'Second Twenty' airing for the first time tonight at 8:30PM. اگلے to me is Hyemi," was گیا کیا پوسٹ on A Pink's Twitter on Friday along with a picture.
In the picture, Son and Chorong are posing for the camera together.
Son will be appearing in the drama "Second Twenty" that airs every Friday and Saturday