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When MC Yoo Jae Suk asked Sulli if there was anyone out of the guests who were awkward to be around, she answered Yunho, and said, “Yunho always greets the other f(x) members kindly سے طرف کی saying things like, ‘Our cute Luna, hello! Charming Krystal, hello!’, but to me he just says, ‘Sulli, hi’, which makes me a little disappointed.”

Yunho explained, “Out of the f(x) members, I’ve known Sulli the longest and always thought I talked the most with her, so I didn’t know Sulli thought things like that.” Onew then went on to improvise a three-second time of reconciliation for just the two, making the studio crack up in laughter.
The name “Ailee” has been topping the news headlines from local news agencies today, which reported on one U.S. K-Pop site‘s مضمون on nude تصاویر of a female who purportedly looked like Ailee pre-debut.

These تصاویر generated various responses from شائقین and netizens in Korea and overseas, as well as the local media. Different reports regarding the ذریعہ and validity of the تصاویر were released, with several comparing past تصاویر of Ailee to the female in the تصاویر at issue, while others reported on the origin and leak of the photos.

In particular, local news agency Dispatch released...
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For آپ to try on an SNSD-like look, آپ must first know each members’ fashion style.

Though they wear uniform costumes on stage, آپ can catch a glimpse of their individuality during awards night, press conference and shows.

Let’s start off with the one and only Jessica, fashion analyst کہا that Jessica has this “trendy” style wherein she can pull off unusual and non-complimentary patterns creating a new fashion statement.

To look like Yoona and Seohyun, آپ must learn how to create their “minimal and romantic” look. These two girls have the innocent and youthful looks, so for...
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I am truly angry that in حالیہ months, restrictions have been placed on three of the major موسیقی shows, asking sexy female artists to clean up their performances, making their outfits and choreography much مزید tamer than the original version. I really do think that it was totally unneccessary because it's absolutely not like young girls, including teenage girls, will be doing what the sexy female artists do on ویژن ٹیلی and through their موسیقی videos. It's definitely not like that. And the much مزید tamer camera shots and angles during their performances are unneccessary too because it's...
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posted by naice1000
My پسندیدہ girl idols are :-
1.Park Bom - The fun and confident girl, who speaks out whatever she wants to! Apart from her beautiful voice, I love her true spirit.

2.Hyuna - Did آپ guess that from my icons? Lol, I'm a BIG fan. From when she did her "change" video and till date. She's a very bold person.

3.Lee hyori - OMG, I love her, I love her style, I love her songs, I love her dancemoves!A straightforward woman, who doesn't care about scandals یا controversies. She basically speaks her mind.

4.Taeyeon - A perfect leader, she's a kid! fun, joking around and her beautiful smile, don't get...
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posted by luv_warriorcatz
Picture this.

You’re a young guy in high school and you’ve been a closet k-pop fanboy for a while now. Sure, آپ talk about it in فورم while trolling under the safety of your anonymous handle “Taeyeonfap” but in your actual real life where you’re significantly مزید chickenshit, nobody knows yet, and you’re not sure when یا even if you’re going to tell them. It’s been easy to hide from your parents – they tend to stay out of your bedroom since you’ve hit puberty, they only ever enter to change the clothing and the sheets, so they know from the stains exactly how much fapping...
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I'm most definitely looking آگے to Girls' Generation and RaNia's US debuts this summer because I am truly am happy that the two girl groups are finally going to make a whole lotta noise in the US and gain lots and lots and lots of fans. And as both a true and loyal A1ST and a true and loyal SONE, I know for sure that these two amazing girl groups will make a huge splash in the US and be successful in their American debuts. I know that both of their English albums will totally be worth the wait and I know that everyone across the US will like them too. With these girl groups around, I know...
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It’s been announced that 4minute‘s Gayoon will be making a short appearance as actress Lee Ji Ah‘s friend on ‘I’m a پھول Too‘!

On Octobe 18th, a ذریعہ revealed that Gayoon finished filming her cameo as a high school student, who was a childhood friend of Cha Bong Sun (played سے طرف کی Lee Ji Ah), on October 16th.

The ذریعہ stated, “During scenes such as taking the college entrance exams, she was able to successfully pull off acting that was short but impactful.”

Although it was only a short cameo appearance, viewers are curious to see Gayoon making her first acting debut.

Her fellow...
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posted by maknae155
Guess what??!!

i'm just now read an مضمون about this سال comeback..

March: 2AM , B1A4 , 4 منٹ , GIRL'S DAY


May: INFINTE , باؤ , SECRET , قوس قزح , ZE:A , AA

June: SON DAM BI , X-5




OCTOBER: KARA , HITT , مالٹا, نارنگی CARAMEL


i'm guessing all their song will be a big hits..especially shinee,beast,2pm ,2ne1,snsd,suju,infinite,WG and kara..
but i'm waiting 4 my fave..shinee,2pm,infinite,snsd and suju..