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Since I've been on Facebook and reading about the headmaster's death. I worked in a little magic. Being that my main character is a Soul Smith. She made Yamamoto's zenpakuto. With her arrival on the scene in a sense, it has دیا her creation the added strength to preserve its host. Thus, allowing the headmaster to survive when he should have died.

Yamamoto could feel pain, why? He had used all his energy all his power. He should be nothing but ash if even that. Yet he felt the stiffness of his joints the injuries he had taken. He slipped his eyes open seeing the brightness of the sky, looking...
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KaraKura مزید than one سال after Aizen's defeat.

Ichigo walked ہوم in the dying light after spending hours in the school's library. The dream he'd had the night before, had driven him to find some kind of answer to it in the library. It only left him with a bad taste in his mouth as it had gained him nothing but مزید questions. His phone rang. Rukia? He sighed. No. Just Yuzu worrying. Maybe it was for the best. He winced. Any ways Renji had been itching for a chance with her and he was a full fledged reaper..... Damn it! His دل nearly stopped with that thought. He'd saved...he grit his...
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Orihemia felt herself melting back in her mind as her mark warmed. Unohana sensing the change backed away slowly to observe. Orihemia watched her hands and heard her new voice as a member of the audience of one. "No water earth air space یا time may stop me from my desires, open all to me for the one I call mother and her mate." Her hands pushed as if to open a door way and then through the space and snagged the object of her desires. Byakuya found himself in Unohana's room with Orihemia standing back her eyes locking onto his and for a moment were not hers but another's. "Do not touch her....
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Mayouri looked at the brain he kept from Nemu. The creature had vast power, the only thing مزید so was the cage....Nemu could have that power...but none of the other jems had held such a creature. Just trinkets compared to that pearl....but if he couldn't have the pearl, this Drako's Hoard would do. Perhaps they knew how to unlock the cage. یا how to extract the power within. Yes he needed one of the hoard, anyone of them would do. He licked his lips in anticipation.
Mira woke sweating profusely. The تصاویر still swimming in her head. Getting up she swayed and nearly lost her meager dinner....
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The meaning of the emblem of the Soul Smiths-Gloryflower.
یا perhaps the oath in a manner of speaking.
"When I was a child, I was the پھول that آپ protected, but now I have shed my petals and took on scales, wings and fire. Now I not آپ protect all that is loved. This I promise and swear to آپ all with God and Michael as my guides I shall never falter in my service." This was the oath that the Smith کہا when they turned 16 and was then considered to be an adult weather یا not, they found their mate at the ceremony یا not. In this case Shanni Kura Gloryflower would still be considered a child in her people's own eyes as her brother's genocidal attack took place before the ceremony.
The car put on its high beams and ran straight for them. Byakuya twisted the wheel to avoid the car but the other vehicle mirrored his movements and then suddenly put itself across both lanes. Jamie knew there was only one option, the steep, deep ditch and at their speed there wasn't much to do. She flung out her wings as they went over the side. The wings made for a roof that was impenetrable as the car rolled over and over and over one مزید time to land upside down in a winding ankle deep run off stream that with rain would not remain ankle deep for long. The lead thug swore as he seen his...
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