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If آپ have read the whole link then آپ can read the Book of Murders side story (manga)

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1) Lessen your smiles and laughter. This is the single most important step. Even before آپ get to characteristics, remember: آپ can laugh as much as آپ want over a joke سے طرف کی yourself in a quiet place, in your own mind, یا at home, but when a person tells آپ a joke, یا something funny یا joyful, don't smile یا laugh. (Although, an evil smile can make آپ look mysterious {like that pic} →) Be nice; express your emotions سے طرف کی your words and not سے طرف کی your facial expression.

2) Be classy. Ciel is an English noble, who must succumb to a higher standers of manners. Just keep it classy. "Please" and...
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