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 Kyoya smirking at me
Kyoya smirking at me
People this is my first مضمون not sure if it gonna be good. the story is from different point of گیا پڑھا مرتبہ from different characters. it starts with me moving to Japan from america with no home. takes place sometime between metal fusion and metal masters.

"aww, i am so bored" i exclaimed as i walked away from the park. i went to the park because i was bored in the first place. i watched the bey battles. i wanted to شامل میں but just moving to Japan made me shy. i wish i could have the guts to شامل میں the battles to make friends. "oh well" i spoke aloud. i took my MP3 out of my pocket and put one earphone...
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posted by devil_in_love
Nagi:*looks up* ginka
Ginka : sorry about that
Nagi : no it is all my fault I was thinking about something
Ginka what was is
Nagi nothing I mportanet
Ginka : soo can I hear the song
Nagi: what song
Ginka :for موسیقی class
Nagi : omg a totally forgot
Ginka : آپ are in trouble
Nagi I know I got to go bey
Ginka bye
At school
*kyoya and natsumi making out in lunch*
Ryuga : stop آپ tow I am trying to eat
Ginka : for once I agree with ryuga
Kyoya: آپ are just jealous
Ryuga : آپ are going down
Ginka : ooh ya
Benki : do not touch kyoya
Ryuga : shut up آپ are just a پرستار boy
*a fight start *
Natsumi : kick there...
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"HA! آپ just got your butt kicked, Kyoya! Admit it!"

Gingka playfully laughed at Kyoya. They were just outside the stadium, and the two had just had a battle between one another, and Gingka had once again triumphed against Kyoya's Fang Leone.

Kyoya ignored him and stared at the concrete below him. Once again that idiot had somehow defeated him. Why was he even دوستوں with this dude in the first place? He had no idea, but before he could آگ کے, آگ something back at Gingka, Madoka gasped and pointed at a girl, laying in the street, unconsious.

"Oh my god!" Gingka ran up to her and turned her over....
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posted by Julie-alice
'owooo ,owoo,owoo'.Nikora yelled as Demore was wrapping a band-aid around an ankle.'Stop moving یا i won't be able to لپیٹ, لفاف کریں this properly'. He said.

'Well then stop hurting me'. Nikora said.'Oky its done'. Demore said,'I think آپ should rest'.Nile suggested.'Yeah , I should'. Nikora agreed.She closed her eyes and the three boys stared at her. 'What? Can't a girl get rest'. She asked.

'Sorry, go to sleep'. Nile کہا and left.

Just then Nikora started to dream about someone hitting the دیوار and trying to break into the house.She woke up and she knew she she was'nt d dreaming , she spotted Nile and...
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