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Mention the name of Lady Gaga, then it is outsize, Lady Gaga, is today's European and American music's most influential pop موسیقی days later. Products she will naturally be sought after سے طرف کی fans! Monster the famous headphone manufacturer also announced the launch of the new ear earplugs - Subsection earplugs allegedly سے طرف کی days after Lady Gaga to design his signature on the splitter, maverick shape, designed to distinguish the appearance of traditional earplugs. In addition to the appearance of a bright, heartbeats also has a magic sound quality of the headphones.

Lady Gaga "heart"...
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 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
The pop world is going gaga.

Lady Gaga, to be exact.

Whether it's her racy stage performances, arresting fashion sense یا chart-topping hits, Gaga gets heads turning and sets tongues wagging.

The New York City-born blond performer even piqued the curiosity of the curmudgeonly Barbara Walters, who dubbed her one of her "ten most fascinating people" earlier this month. Gaga also kept court with a queen, bowing to Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in a red dress made of latex. She recently was named "woman of the year" سے طرف کی MTV, who کہا "there's not much سوال that 2009 was Lady Gaga's year."

But it...
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 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
“I want to wear a dick strapped to my vagina,” she announces cheerfully, puffing on a Marlboro Light in the penthouse suite of London’s May Fair hotel. We all know that one of the biggest talking points of the سال was that I have a dick, so why not give them what they want? I want to تبصرہ on that in a beautiful, artistic way. How I wanna دکھائیں it. And I want to call this piece Lady Gaga Dies Hard.”

Everything Lady Gaga does is for a convention-boggling reason. She’s the world’s only female pop شبیہ who deliberately presents herself as significantly less attractive than she is,...
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posted by YoursMrsPrince
This is to all the people who always discourage themselves and beats themselves up. آپ make a mistake we all make mistakes. آپ say آپ dont like this about yurself ans so on. beating yourself up and being mean to yourself is not gonna get u know where in life nor attention. now i know what im talking about ive had these conversations with people a thousand times and now im having this conversation with u citizens of Fanpop. Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. thats all it is. dont let know one walk over آپ if you. if u feel stomped آپ stomp on their toe not saying yu have to be a bully but youll know when its time
Sound Matters Because the موسیقی Matters
A great song transcends sound. link It has the power to اقدام آپ to tears—or the dance floor. The better your موسیقی sounds, the less آپ hear it, but actually feel it. Heartbeats faithfully reproduce artists’ vocals and the موسیقی behind them, so آپ can hear the دل felt emotion your پسندیدہ singer wants to share with you. Get ready to experience your موسیقی like never before.

Feel Every Note of Today’s Hottest Digital Music
These days موسیقی is recorded and mixed in a super advanced environment. We designed Heartbeats سے طرف کی Lady Gaga to let آپ experience...
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 Lady GaGa in India
Lady GaGa in India
Lady Gaga's visit to the city's NAZ foundation care ہوم for children with HIV offered those present a glimpse into the warm and down-to-earth nature that lies beneath her glitzy exterior.

It all happened on a Saturday afternoon, when she could have been sightseeing in the Capital. Instead, Lady Gaga minus her pancake makeup and clad in jeans and a T-shirt, chose to spend two hours with HIV-positive children in the only orphanage of its kind in the country.

This zero-publicity, no cameras and minimal- security trip took place without any fuss. Lady Gaga charmed the founder of the orphanage, Anjali...
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posted by timo_superstar
I'm in love with Juda-as, Juda-as

I'm in love with Juda-as, Juda-as

Judas! Judaaas Judas! Judaaas
Judas! Judaaas Judas! GAGA

[Lady Gaga - Verse 1]

When he comes to me, I am ready
I’ll wash his feet with my hair if he needs
Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain
Even after three times, he betrays me

I’ll bring him down, bring him down, down
A king with no crown, king with no crown


I’m just a Holy Fool, oh baby he’s so cruel
But I’m still in love with Judas, baby
I’m just a Holy Fool, oh baby he’s so cruel
But I’m still in love with Judas, baby

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Have آپ ever wondered what it would be like to be in the skin of a super سٹار, ستارہ like Lady Gaga?

Can آپ imagine an army of photographers following آپ around all the time snapping تصاویر in your face. Well today آپ can get an idea of what it is like thanks to this video created سے طرف کی Lady Gaga.
The video is called The Left Eye and it lasts for 40 سیکنڈ in which آپ get to see the world like Lady Gaga sees it.

You'll see that she is often overwhelmed سے طرف کی the press, the cameras, the pushing and the shouting, her bodyguards and screaming fans. In this video she wants to دکھائیں شائقین just what she goes through. This is the price of fame.
 Lady Gaga has thought of this lyrics in over one سال now
Lady Gaga has thought of this lyrics in over one year now
It doesn’t matter if آپ love him, یا capital H-I-M
Just put your paws up
’cause آپ were Born This Way, Baby

My mama told me when i was young
We are all born superstars
She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on
in the glass of her boudoir

There’s nothing wrong with loving who آپ are
she said, cause he made آپ perfect, babe
So hold your head up girl and you’ll go far
listen to me when I say

I’m beautiful in my way
’cause god makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track baby
I was born this way

Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track...
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 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
Ofcom has criticised MTV for airing a ٹمٹم, gig, لٹو where Lady Gaga used the word “motherfucker”, while letting the BBC off the hook for broadcasting formula one champion Jenson Button saying “fuck”.

MTV aired a 30-minute performance سے طرف کی Lady Gaga as part of a broadcast of the Isle of MTV موسیقی festival, which took place last summer. The دکھائیں went out on 2 November at 4pm. Ofcom received a complaint that that the word “motherfuckers” was aired at a time when children could be watching.

MTV apologised, and کہا that a mistake at the company’s Italian offices had resulted in the replacement...
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 Lady GaGa on the cover of the June issue of Rolling Stone Magazine
Lady GaGa on the cover of the June issue of Rolling Stone Magazine
She's only been releasing albums since 2008, but in three short years Lady Gaga has made an indelible mark on pop music. Here is a ranking of all her studio album songs – from 2008's The Fame, 2009's The Fame Monster and 2011's Born This Way – plus a couple bonus tracks.

42. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
41. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion
40. Paper Gangsta
39. I Like It Rough
38. Bloody Mary
37. Disco Heaven
36. The Queen
35. Scheiße
34. Fashion
33. Starstruck
32. Fashion of His Love
31. Electric Chapel
30. Heavy Metal Lover
29. The Fame
28. Government Hooker
27. So Happy I Could Die
26. Money Honey
25. Bad Kids
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posted by hareyzzz9255
 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
Lady Gaga’s set is a boxed perspective designed سے طرف کی Es Devlin and built سے طرف کی Tait Towers

Lady Gaga played her last of four New York shows Sunday night at Radio City موسیقی Hall, with just one مزید تاریخ tonight on this leg of her Monster Ball tour before she “throws away this stage and gets a new one,” for her upcoming arena tour, as the artist announced from her piano bench. The boxed perspective set, lined with tapering walls of Nocturne V-Lite LED video screens, was designed سے طرف کی Es Devlin and built سے طرف کی Tait Towers, complete with lots of moving parts.

Forcing the perspective further is a sloped...
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posted by hareyzzz9255
“ is the best! I love آپ guys, thanks for being the best شائقین ever. You're doing a great job. Xxgagaloo” – July 2009

“Pop موسیقی will never be low brow.”

“The Fame is about how anyone can feel famous. Pop culture is art. It doesn’t make آپ cool to hate pop culture, so I embraced it and آپ hear it all over The Fame. But, it’s a sharable fame. I want to invite آپ all to the party. I want people to feel a part of this lifestyle.”

“I really loved writing "Quicksand" for Britney Spears.”

“I don't think a killer chorus ever hurt the world.”

“Perez Hilton is...
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link" alt=" link" width="300" height="168" />
Date, City & Country, Venue, Sales
27/4/2012    Seoul, South Korea    Olympic Stadium    TBC
2/5/2012    Hong Kong    AsiaWorld Arena    Feb 27th 10am
10/5/2012    Tokyo, Japan    Saitama Super Arena    Mar 11th 10am
28/5/2012    Singapore    Indoor Stadium    Feb 27th 10am
7/6/2012    Aukland,...
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While many listeners were quick to call Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” a rip-off of Madonna’s “Express Yourself” both in melody and video styling, the Material Girl herself is only just now speaking out about the controversy.

In an interview with “20/20″ airing tonight, Madonna finally تبصرے on whether she thinks Lady Gaga’s imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, یا straight-up plagiarism. In the interview, Cynthia McFadden asks Madonna, who is releasing her 13th studio album “M.D.N.A.” in March, about Gaga.

“She’s a very talented artist,” says Madonna, sitting...
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posted by GaGaBoi
Lady GaGa, 23

Not since Madonna squeezed into her conical corset has the موسیقی world produced such an experimental fashion icon. With the emphasis being on 'mental'
Everything about Lady GaGa is big - hair, personality, sunglasses and, yes, pants. It's no wonder Just Dance became an instant anthem, followed سے طرف کی the equally catchy Poker Face and Paparazzi.
GaGa - aka Stefani Germanotta was playing the piano سے طرف کی ear from the age of four and writes all her own songs. This سال she has sold 20 million digital singles!
And our March 15 fabulous magazine cover سٹار, ستارہ has earned the مہر of approval from Madge, who says GaGa ''has that 'it' factor '.

We can't wait to see what she's got in store for 2010....
Lady Gaga is back in action with “The Fame Monster,” an album of both brand-new songs and reissues of her first album, “The Fame.” With her new songs, Lady Gaga proves that she can still make great, catchy dance tunes, but also shows the maturity she’s found since her first album was released last year. Overall, “The Fame Monster” is the اگلے step in the evolution of an incredible performer.

“Bad Romance,” which has already taken the airwaves, iTunes and YouTube سے طرف کی storm, is bizarre, awesome and danceable as the opening song on “The Fame Monster.” Lady Gaga’s penchant...
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Lady Gaga is making a statement with her weird fashion sense again. This time, at MTV's Video موسیقی Awards (of which she won several), link designed سے طرف کی Franc Fernandez, according to Entertainment Weekly. The dress didn't end there.

PETA issued a statement saying "no matter how beautifully it is presented, flesh from a tortured animal is flesh from a tortured animal" in a release made on the MTV website. The following morning on the premiere of Ellen, the vegetarian gave Gaga a bikini made of kale as the controversial singer wore her meat dress again.


The fashion statement made سے طرف کی Lady...
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 Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour 2010
Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour 2010
She is known for outrageous costumes and putting on one heck of a show.

And Lady Gaga delivered on all counts last night as she brought her Monster Ball tour back to the United Kingdom.

But what شائقین might not have expected was to see the softer side of the singer, who performed an emotional set before breaking down and crying as she talked about her sick grandfather who is in hospital.

Dedicating the song Speechless to him, she told the audience: 'If we all sing loud enough, maybe he can hear us!'

Half way through the song, Gaga had to pause to wipe away her tears.

And while the rare moment...
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posted by Fangirl99
I know that we are young.
And I know آپ may love me.
But I just can't be with آپ like this anymore.

She's got both hands
In her pockets.
And she wont look at you,
Won't look at you

She hides trough love.
Su bolsito
She got a halo around her finger.
Around you.

You know that I love آپ boy.
Hot like Mexico, rejoice.
At this point I gotta choose,
How can آپ loose.

Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Alejandro.
I'm not your babe.
I'm not your babe, Fernando.

Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch.
Just smoke one cigarette more.
Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Roberto.

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