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posted by electragarmadon
Misako's POV
i walked to lloyd's room and knocked "come in!" i walked into lloyd's messy pale green room and sat down on the بستر اگلے to him. "hi mommy" he smiled, he was in a adult body but was a child at heart, "honey.....i need to tell آپ something" i looked down shamefully because what i was about to tell him could easily break him, "son, آپ have a..." i just couldnt tell him! "a what? a brain tumor?! a monkey ?! a giant box of caNdy?!" he jumped up from his بستر sheets exidedly i shook my head glumly "you....have a.....sister" i looked up at his shocked face...
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Hiya! I got bored and wrote random shit!

Action: *comes in wearing old timey dress*King Idiot! I bring new of good from across the land of the llamas!
Jay: What is this news madam bitch?
Action: TIME OUT! *Slaps the hell out of him*I AM NO BITCH! TIME IN! *back to proper voice* آگ کے, آگ قلعہ has decided to wage war on آپ for taking the hand of King Sexy's sister.
Jay: TIME OUT! Why does he get to be king sexy? Why can't I be king sexy?
Action: *stares* Do آپ really want me to answer that Jay?
Kai: *jumps in with a crown* I WILL! I'm sexier than آپ that's why!
Jay: Who says?!
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Okay, so this is something I see a lot on fanfiction sites. I've always wanted to do one for myself, just to see if it works out.

So, آپ request a character (and a plot, if wanted) and I write a reader-insert one shot about him/her!
(A reader insert is a story where the reader gets to be a part of the action. ie, instead of putting an actual name یا eye and hair color, the مصنف would write [name], [hair color], یا [eye color]. Lie this: [Name]'s beautiful [favorite color] outfit went well with her [hair color] hair.)

So, I wanted to do this for Ninjago! Just تبصرہ what character, theme, plot, setting. Really, all آپ have to put is a character, but just put the other stuff if آپ want.