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posted by Anni-chan
I think everybody, who did watch Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's once, knows Leo. The cute and jittery twin brother of Luna. There're some, who don't like him, but there're are also a lot of پرستار of him.

I am a fan. I like his nature and his kinda childish, but brave and determined way of acting. And he's sooooo cute. Are آپ with me? (^.^)

How ever. Don't آپ think it was unfair, when بانگ became the 5th signer, instaed of Leo. Leo did deserve it more. But in the end he finally became the 6th signer with his really cool new dragon. Life Stream Dragon.

When I saw it, I did celebrate the whole week. If آپ haven't seen this episodes, turn on your PC and watch it online. C'mon. Hurry up.

Have a nice دن (if that's possible after that)
bye Anni-chan