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Members of the original London cast reunite and شامل میں the current cast (as of October 2006) to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Les Miserables. Includes interviews and rehearsal footage.
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 Cossette and Valjean.
Cossette and Valjean.
Okay, I basically know that these 2 songs were written specially for the movie. So here are my reasons on why Suddenly and it's reprise should be included in the stage version یا not.

It should be in the Stage Version

As some of us (including myself) had seen the stage and watched the movie, I personally think that the song really should be in the stage version, because it shows that it's Valjean's moment and he's telling us that is going to be a father for the first time and telling us that he will try his best despite it was not the right time to tell Cossette about his past. I also personally...
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i saw the کڑوا, تلخ heart-break
that she had to take from
leaving her only child to
try to make a life for her
as best as she could,

i thought when i heard
her song of desperation
it would change the way
that i felt about her
sorrow and the pain that
she had to endure on her

As she dreamed a dream
that she thought would
come true, as she sang
about those dreams that
she wanted so much to
come true, my heart-
broke as she spoke about
the things that would never be.

Her voice showed that there
was some-thing missing her
life that she wanted so much
to be free from the pain that
held her captive for as
long as she was unable to
break free,

I heard Fantine's dream and
i knew that in my دل she
would never see those dreams
that she had fullfilled inside
her soul, but those dreams
were the only thing that she
held on-to to keep her strong
towards the end of her life,

erie morganmaples
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Lea Michele (from the upcoming TV دکھائیں "Glee") as Eponine at the Hollywood Bowl concert.
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 Hello Cossette!
Hello Cossette!
Hi everyone, I managed to watch the musical in Singapore at the beautiful Esplanade Theatre at the Bay. I was really blown away سے طرف کی the famous songs, costume and settings despite that the last 2 were completely different from the original settings.

The Settings

Although the settings were completely different from the original settings as I had seen on Youtube, I was really happy that they are trying to make it realistic towards the original Victor Hugo's timeless novel.
The background was really amazing and especially during the Sewers where they use a special projector where Valjean was carrying...
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Yes, the actual عنوان of the video is "?". Anyway, George Blagden (who played Grantaire), changed the lyrics of this song to describe Enjolras' and Grantaire's relationship. It's really great.
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