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posted by neda1
The first time I saw Liam in a movie I was very impressed with this man's acting ability. The first time I saw Natasha Richardson in a movie I felt admiration and respect for this fine acctress. Several weeks پہلے I watched Taken and Evening for the first time all within a week. There was something that drew me to watch these movies. I felt a connection. On Tuesday 17th March 2009 I dreamed that I was watching Natasha on a movie set, she was sitting in a corner with her head bowed. A voice behind me was saying "switch off the life support Angela". I was so disturbed سے طرف کی this dream as my sister...
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posted by rick12
Greetings to Mr. Neeson.
When I read in the newspaper how آپ still felt after all these months Natasha was gone, I felt this urge to write to آپ these lines. Your love is real; the feelings remain and its in آپ cause the دل is talking. That is probably another reason why your پرستار loves آپ too.
Two things I want آپ to know:
Please accept our sincere regrets from all canadians who felt this same sadness.
There is a time that comes; after a while, when we feel real gratefullness, of the privilege we had to be able to spent all these years with this wonderfull person; no one will replace...
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I just want to send my condolences to liam neeson and his family,for the lost of his wife and a great actress,natasha. my دل goes out to آپ mr. neeson.may god be with آپ in this time of need.I heard about the accident yesterday, but i did`nt know it was that serious.and when i read the news today. I could`nt help but shed some tears,because i was shocked.I know آپ dont know me,and i dont know آپ accept from the movies,. And natasha from the فلمیں also.Indeed she will be missed. But this touched me deeply. My prayers go out to آپ and your family. "GOD BLESS YOU" thank آپ very much.