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A Green Piece
CARBON FOOTPRINT CABARET منظر پیش سے طرف کی Naomi Price

GLOBAL WARMING is an issue that’s red-raw in everyone’s mind; the حالیہ Earth گھنٹہ campaign still ringing in the ears of those who turned their lights off in unity across the globe.

It is certainly a vitally important topic, but is it the right subject matter for a theatrical cabaret? Liana Lee seems to think so; her infectious enthusiasm for the upcoming Carbon Footprint Cabaret is difficult to resist. Lee, who graduates from the Actors Conservatory in a few weeks, is excitedly passionate about the project, which blends her...
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This is what actors do in between takes...well this is what they do on the set of "The Man In The Maze"! With Andrew Roth, Liana Werner-Gray, Stephanie Long and Erik A. Williams.
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the man in the maze
behind the scenes
Liana Werner-Gray winning Miss Earth Australia 2009 People's Choice and Best In Environmental Speech. Liana is the founder of I Love Earth
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