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I take 3 L's to the head. Love, Live, Life,
then I'm dead.

I search, but never find. Hurt, but never cry. I work and forever tired.

Yeah I'm the best to ever do it کتیا, کتيا and آپ the best at never doin' shit.

Is there a heaven for G's and soldiers? I can't go to hell 'cause I'd take over.

And everybody watch your back when you're in the front.

Crown fit me good, I ain't even got to try on.

I would hate to not be hated.

Our jokes, no stress. Love, live life, proceed, progress.

I don't think you're beautiful. I think you're beyond it.

What's understood ain't gotta be explained.

Tell 'em to keep my name...
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I Fukkin Love this Song. I Love Wayne!:)
lil wayne
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lil wayne
like my daddy