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ارے Everyone! I wrote a #1 but all it is is introducing the pups. They have just walked in to see a Grizzly eating their caribou. This is the part that follows

Lily watched as the giant Grizzly ate her caribou.
"Oh no!" whispered Lily, trying hard not to let the Grizzly hear her. She didn't want her pups to get hurt.
"Lily! Take the pups and run. I'll deal with this!" Garth whispered back.
"Daddy! I want to fight!" کہا Tiger. He was always trying to be just like Garth. He was bound to be a great hunter one day.
"You're not old enough yet Tiger! But, اگلے spring, Alpha School starts up...
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posted by CatoStoicus
Just so everybody whose a پرستار of Lilly یا Garth knows about this, there is a petition on Change. org now calling on Lionsgate to make an Alpha and Omega spin-off movie featuring Lilly and Garth as the main characters.

Every time someone signs the petition, another letter is sent to the head of Lionsgate's Motion Picture Group telling him how much we'd love to see a movie like this.

The petition can be found سے طرف کی searching "Alpha and Omega" یا "Lilly and Garth" on Change. org. If anybody wants to sign it, that would be great.
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