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I never knew, that you'd be the one
That you'd be there for me, forever and always
How could I have been so blind?
How could I have not known it sooner?
That you'd be there
That you'd be near me
That you'd be the one, to catch me when I fall...

Destiny is very strange, because آپ can never expect it
Whenever آپ think you've got it, there's always something to prove آپ wrong!
I thought I knew who would be, but I guess I was wrong
Because آپ showed up, and I fell
I fell for you...

Everyday I would think, that آپ would never be
But all my دوستوں would tell me, "Girl آپ must be blind!"
"He likes what...
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posted by keturahk
lovely complex is indeed a adorable story. and a very admirable one, i admire her for being able to get over the height difference between them when i myself wouldn't be able to get over it. its full of every type of character آپ need to have in a hit/ awesome manga/anime. tho i am very mad at the fact that they make such a big deal through the whole عملی حکمت "your 158 cm ?!??! your giant" if آپ translate that to feet and inches its just under 5,8. now i realize Japanese people are short but me being 5,9 and usually wearing 3 in heels made me slightly offended >.< if she is a giant what...
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posted by halley15
Oh I fall for you

Is it posible for آپ and me to fall for each other?
Height doesn`t matter
آپ کہا that last summer
So I make it an excuse

Our دوستوں inspired me so much
we have lovely complex that make us in touch
So much differences makes us two in common

آپ shhot me right into my heartstrings
I didn`t know if آپ mean that things
But I can surely say that I fall for you

Oh I fall for you

آپ say that I`m an amazon
But you`re a midget which is completely shown

آپ provoke me with that manners of yours
And with that manners that I feel so close

A fickle like آپ seems a waste of time
But I really don`t care
Just come up in the right time

But in the end height doesn`t matter