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 MGK & his daughter
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posted by EST-4_LifeMGK
Growing up sucked. I had nothing. Grew up with a crack addict mom and a low-life father. I had to get through myself, and soon realized that I couldn't trust anyone. Not even my brother. I went to 2 mental hospitals, 9 different foster homes, 2 boot camps, and I've been to juvie too many times to count. And my only escape through all of this has been music. When I heard "Wild Boy," I fell in love with not only MGK, but his موسیقی and his movement. I will forever look to his موسیقی for guidance. He grew up with the same shit I did. And he made it. He's my inspiration, and until the دن I die, I will be a follower of Kells. I couldn't imagine my life without his music. Now I don't worry about what people will think of me. I embrace myself, and now I have too many دوستوں to count because I embraced who I am. Until the دن I die, فیتا, فیتے Up.
posted by LaceUpEst19XX
To Kells....
Im 14 Years Old And I Started Listening To آپ When I Was 13 Ive Had A Hard Life Ive Been Bullied For 3 Years....About A سال And A Half پہلے I Started Smoking Weed It Helped Everything For A Bout A Half سال Then I Got Caught At School It Destroyed Everything I Was Depressed Then I Discovered آپ At First I Thought فیتا, فیتے Up Was Like *Yolo* یا *Tgod* No Its مزید Then That I Quit Smoking For A سال But Then I Got Builled مزید And Started Again It Helped With The Stress I Was Sneaking Out And Getting In Trouble With The Cops And Then I Started Listening To Your موسیقی Again And It Changed My Whole World I Goto Sleep With Your موسیقی And Wake Up With It On Everyday When Im Having A Bad دن I Put My Headphones In And Blast Out The Pain With Your موسیقی Iknow آپ Most Likely Wont Read This But This Is How Youve Changed My Life.....Your My Hero Thank آپ So Much.....LaceUp Est19XX ....Thanks To My Est Family Too..... #LaceUpEst19XX
posted by bcon0831
dear MGK ,
I started listening to your موسیقی while پہلے and loved what i heard . Most rappers rap about just smoking weed یا drinking , آپ on the other hand man are the realest rapper out there . when im depressed which is like everyday i throw my head phones on and turn your موسیقی on . I lost a bestfriend couple months پہلے he was like my brother and loosing him destroyed me . so listening to your موسیقی and knowing i can relate to someone whose living out there dreams with all the challenges you've faced man it gives me hope . Ive fucked my life up man dissopointed my mom , me and my father dont talk much we dont get along well so it feels like im alone . i just wanted to say man i appreciate your موسیقی and all آپ accomplished . thank آپ machine gun kelly i pray آپ read this .
sincerly brett connors .
posted by Hannahs_LacedUp
When I was younger my mom cheated on my father, and stepped out on our family when I was two, My dad started to تاریخ a 15 سال old and my sisters and brothers never seemed to be there for me. سے طرف کی the time I was six my mom started to have contact with me, at the age of seven I lived with her, and my dad and his new girl had started a family together. I moved back in with my dad when I was ten. I used to get bullied because people کہا I wasn't "pretty" enough. So I started to cut, and turn to my دوستوں for family. One of my دوستوں showed my MGK I'm All Alone and that song was "My song" If I hadn't heard MGK I probably would have killed myself. He is truly amazing. :) #LaceUp #Est for life.
well , when i was little my dad left me i had a pretty hard life just like mgk ....i found mgks موسیقی in 2011 and i just deadicated my self to his موسیقی he is no longer just a popstar to me he is a friend ..... when i was younger my mom about died of cancer twice my family honestly dont take me as i am...Lace up is like a family to me it means alot because i feel that we all cant relate one way یا another cause everyone has a way to connect to the real them and i guess this is مزید of ours. Not alot of people understand me so i used to try to stay in the shadows but i know now that i can do...
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I highly doubt MGK یا anyone who gives two fuck will ever read this but I could give a fuck less because even if just one person reads it, it's all worth it to me. I've been through absolute hell in my life. Birth dad killed in the marines, mother died giving birth to me, put up for adoption into a family that wanted NOTHING to do with me. I raised myself and I haven't done a great job but I sure as all hell try. Was beaten in foster care before my adoption and beaten after adopted... Adoption parents divorced, the economy hit, we lost our home, cars, and belongings. I had to find somewhere...
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posted by hannahdelany
i became an mgk پرستار after i heard his song lead آپ on. every word of that song was so deep and so emotional. now im not an emotional person AT ALL like if anything i tried to hide my emotions from the world but i found an outlet in his music. he brought me hope that even if آپ going through hard times never give up keep going dont give a fuck what people say. ive learned people are gonna talk shit either way if your a good person یا not. mgk truely is amazing i do hope he becomes one of the greats he deserves it hes been through alot it sounds like and he still wakes up after everything and has a smile on his face. not only that lets be honest here .... the guy can rap his پچھواڑے, گدا off. mgk i really am a superfan i hope one دن ill get to meet آپ i would do anything to just see you. آپ are my inspiration. im from a small town in nc near the TN line nobody here knows آپ that well but im deffintely going to let everyone around here know who آپ are.
posted by AlexisLovesMGK
Dear MGK,

I honestly know آپ probably don't read these but آپ have saved my life... I think about suicide, I blast your music. I feel like self harming, I blast "See My Tears". آپ have changed my life Sooooooooooo much that honestly, I owe آپ one. آپ are the only person that I listen to that is pretty much keeping me alive. Without you, I probably wouldn't know about you, یا even be here writing this for you... I think that I need to check my life over and see if I'm going down the right path... but then again, I always end up doing something stupid... so I don't do anything to check...
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posted by athena420
well i dont want آپ mgk my hard life cuz i am not proud of it but i am not sure how long i have but my and my girls dream is to be able to win tickets to see آپ and back stadge passes so bad i have never been to a کنسرٹ but i want it to be yours i know آپ are going to be in Illinois soon god i am tryin so bad to get plane tickets and کنسرٹ tickets and backstadge bythen could آپ help us twoy آپ are a hero to me and my girl plz if آپ read this my number is 812 210 0028 and cell 812 679 9318 plz help our dreams come true our hero aka mgk