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posted by LisaForde2
I’ve been a پرستار of hers for a while ever since she started out as a pop star. She was way better than Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears etc. She never took drugs she was never in the news like the two I mentioned. She’s sensible,classy,down to earth, friendly.

Favourite/least Mandy Moore films 1-5

#1 Tangled: I liked her in this because she brought her character to life and she really made the film work with her singing vocals and her speaking talent. I loved her chemistry with Zachary Levi who voiced her love interest in the film. Tangled gets a big thumbs up for me.
#2 A Walk to Remember: She...
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posted by greenred21r
It's been almost seven years now since I met Mandy in Atlanta on september 6, 2007. Even though seven years have passed, I still remember every moment from that day. What makes this دن even مزید than what it is standing سے طرف کی itself is how it all went down. At the time I was 19 years old and سے طرف کی then I was a پرستار of Mandy for 8 years.

Probably like the rest of you(I hope) when her Wild Hope album came out, I got it that morning; and, knew every song سے طرف کی that afternoon. Well when she announced she was going on tour and coming to Atlanta, I jumped on the computer to buy tickets but my mom stopped...
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 Super talented "Mandy Moore" stars as Louise, whose man-hungry tactics typically backfire.
Super talented "Mandy Moore" stars as Louise, whose man-hungry tactics typically backfire.
Kapital Entertainment is prepping to begin production on a new 1/2 گھنٹہ comedy series pilot for ABC titled "Pulling". Shooting on the single-camera دکھائیں will get underway mid-March at the ABC Studios in Los Angeles. Casting directors in both Los Angeles and New York are auditioning actors for series regulars, guest starring, possible recurring, and under-5 roles. The extras casting director will hire background performers throughout production. "Pulling" is based on the hugely مقبول British sitcom of the same name.

Starring in "Pulling" is actress, comedienne, and screenwriter June Diane Raphael...
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