Marilyn Monroe Special - Broadcast August 5th

DebbieSwiss posted on Jul 25, 2012 at 12:00PM
Hello everybody - I'm a presenter on a web-radio-station - link - it's a german/swiss radio-station.
so - for everybody, who understands German - I present at August 5th from 9 o'clock p.m on a special broadcast in memory of Marilyn Monroe, who gets there her 50th anniversary of her day of death. I'm looking forward if some of you would join the show as well. You only have to click on the suitable playerbutton on the homepage of *Die Hörbar*.
Thank you for being my listeners at August 5th - What can you expect from the show?: a lot of her music and music around her - a lot of informations around her short life and a lot of segments of her interviews.

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