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Dreaming in Black ‘N’ White

Chapter 2 – The Competition

    Back at the Central Park Zoo, Kowalski, Rico and Private were desperately trying to think of ways to change Skipper’s mind. “What are we going to do?!” Private asked the others, with a concerned look on his face, “This is only one night of the entire year. Skipper can’t afford to miss it.” “Don’t worry Private. I’m sure Skipper will come tonight. He just need time to think this through is all.” Kowalski assured him. “Do آپ think he would?” “Affirmative. However, if you’re not positively...
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پینگوئن, پیںگان
وٹر, اوٹار
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I hope آپ enjoy this songfic. I wrote the song myself, and the only thing I own is the song, and the story. Don't forget to comment!

Marlene stared into the darkness, her eyes on the verge of tears. She blamed herself, and could only pray that this was a dream.

I still remember that day
I still remember your face
When all I had was gone
آپ came to me so strong, so strong

All the memories were still fresh in her mind. The sewer, the walks, the dates.....the wedding. She felt like her دل had been twisted and torn apart. Why? Why did he have to leave her?

My life,
My love,
My story
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