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★i never get bored from your smile
what ever happend even for a while
★the دن without آپ like a سال with a snow
the دن with آپ my love have grow
★i am for آپ crazy
and for آپ i never be lazy
★i wanna see your eyes behind the mask
why did آپ go? that is the qwestion i am ask
★i won't say that your style is old
here in my دل آپ are مزید than the gold
★i won't say that i loved آپ in the past
and i will never foget this so fast!!
★some people say آپ don't have a heart..
he helped dan do آپ think you're smart?!
★i do really thinks massy is so sweet!
the brawlers he is always beet...
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The girl looked up. There was something in the sky that made her notice. She was sitting on a very high دیوار in the park, crossed-legged, and a small, black leather bag on her lap.

Next to her was a Darkus Bakugan, in a shape of a ball. He was Gawain, one Bakugan who had chosen to stay behind with his brawler when every one had returned to Vestroia.


The girl turned to him.

“Did آپ see what I just saw?”

“No-what is it?”

“A bright flash of light on the sky – and I swear it’s not the sunlight.”

Virvana flipped her raven hair over the shoulders. She’s a sharp and keen...
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And illusions.

The boy opened his eyes.

“Where am I?”

Two faces lowered to him, and as his sight began to clear out of the misty curtain, he was once again reunited with his old acquaintances.


Prince Hydron’s voice was shaky and weak, as he had suffered a large amount of wounds. And the pains, the horrible pains were tormenting him.


He tried getting up, but no use – he couldn’t even مزید his arms for support. His face was scarred with terrible scratches. And blood streamed down from his cheek.

Hydron could hardly اقدام his eyelids, and the figures and he see...
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