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MediaBlvd> Thank آپ for your time, it’s great to talk to آپ and we’re really looking آگے to series two airing on SyFy this week.

Colin> Yeah, I’ve got some دوستوں in Boston and they were saying they were re-running the first series all دن Sunday, then it’s on this week. It’s a bit crazy!

MediaBlvd> Yeah, it is. Let me start off سے طرف کی asking you, you’ve got the عنوان role in the series. How big of a deal of this is it for your career, and just to be playing Merlin, such an iconic figure in the Arthurian legends.

Colin> Yeah, it’s such a good...
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I think we can all agree that if there was a Universal Declaration of پرستار Rights, the right to ship whomever and whatever we want, no matter how strange, disturbing and/or ridiculously adorable the pairing, would be at the very سب, سب سے اوپر of that list. Shipping, especially when in regards to non-canonical couples, often reflects what we as individuals desire in relationships, and our own subjective گیا پڑھا مرتبہ of what would be cute, sexy یا funny to see in a romantic pairing. However, shipping isn’t something that is simply based on our own individual گیا پڑھا مرتبہ and desires alone. Fandoms are essentially interactive...
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With Merlin something I personally came to realize is that good and evil in this دکھائیں is far from black and white. Many seem to agree that the good guys truly are the good guys and the bad guys are the bad guys. I have a different take; I feel like the villains really aren't that bad, they just want some security...some safety...the ability to be themselves. And some of the good guys (yes my finger is pointed at آپ Uther) aren't really all that good.

First and foremost, all the villains seem to just not want to be persecuted. Nimueh being the prim example. This woman just wanted to make sure...
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سے طرف کی Panthereye24. Very fun gen vid.
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