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I got some information from my mom and searched the internet and I always believed mermaids are real! I've always believed in mermaids, and from what I've learned, they're real! Of course not as we thought. This really makes me sad. Mermaids don't look very human, as they live in the sea. Yes, their faces and hair are human-like but very ugly. The eyes of these mermaids are like two little black holes. Their ears are pointed like an elf and fangs like a fish. They have sequins on their upper parts instead of the breast ٹوپی they wear in our imagination. Of course they are not beautiful. Because they are not human, their bodies are suitable for living under the sea. Despite that, they sound great. They use their voices to put sailors into a trance and suffocate them. This is the real mermaid. What we dream of has powers, very beautiful and kind hearted. Sorry mermaids شائقین this is the truth. Most mermaids are bad. They're all ugly.
"hurry Liz!" "ok mom I am going as fast as I can!" 11 سال old liz was going on a cruise with her mom and dad to florida and the bahamas. she had never been on a cruise befor and could not wait. it was the middle of winter and there was ALOT of snow outside. all liz longed for was sun and waves. Liz loved the water since she was born. when she was only a few months old her dad had brought her out the in the water and a big wave came and splashed her in the face. most babys would cry but all she did was giggle. ever since then her mom and dad knew she was as they called a water baby.
"come on liz!" "ok! ok! I'm comeing!" liz ran down to the door and left.
once the ship left port liz went to look around. it would little bit till they stoped at the first port. "the bahamas." she thought. "I can't wait! I hear there is clear blue water to swim in!"
posted by suzyisbrute
Hello I have a spell that will turn آپ into a mermaid here's what آپ need:A pearl,a smooth stone(blue),and A PURE ENOUGH HEART!

The spell is....

the crystal night sparkling stars آگ کے, آگ sparks water sirens sea stone marks power of seasonmaids,sirens,and mermaids combined if آپ love the one who made your mind.

hope آپ guys can figure the answer to the spell otherwise the spell only works once since it's hard to understand I will give آپ the basic سوال آپ can give your answer to me in تبصرے it is:

Who made your mind?

okay hope آپ have fun

posted by pugglelover2000
The car rolled up to the large church like building.Elena was amazed of the huge towers,towering high above them.The reason they were there was because of her father who was a scientist and studied sea plants and stuff.

"So Elena,what do آپ think?"Her Dad asked.Elena would much rather be at the hotel in the swimming pool than here,but it did look a little exciting."Well,how long's it going to take us?"Elena asked.Her Dad frowned.

As they got closer to the building,she could see big white doors opening to the building.As they got even closer she saw big windows with mermaids on them.The mermaids...
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I believe that freshwater mermaids are very underappreciated. Here is a gallery displaying the rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds that freshwater mermaids call home.
posted by makeka
step 1 for the power of water have your hand in a glass of water when آپ say the spell.

the spell
oh Neptune lord of the sea give me the power of water. give me the power to breathe underwater.
give me a tail of the coluour of your choice.make it sealy and strong.let me ues it with my symbol. my symbol of pice of jewellery on upper body. when I touch water with my symbol I turn into a mermaid.
but when there is no symbol on let no transformation
take place.oh Neptune mighty ruler. take my wish and make it true. for the power of mermaids is in me
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I really mean it! What would آپ be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would آپ be able to do if writing fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would آپ do if it's illegal to do a cover of your پسندیدہ song on YouTube? What would آپ do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would آپ do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet...
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posted by gaitolove
Thees are tips on how to be a mermaid princes
1.have a great voice to sing
2.have nice clothes
3.have a crown
If آپ want to be a rude mermaid princess theese are tips for you
1.have big sexy tits
2.have sex every day
3.wear clothes that دکھائیں your tits,pussy,and vigina

Those are the tips for being a mermaid princess

I hope آپ liked it.<3so i will give آپ مزید tips later
I think آپ will be greart at this
posted by chrischris92
hi this is my first story i ever written and please تبصرہ so i can know what to write اگلے and تبصرہ yes if آپ want to hear the rest of the story!

Chapter 1:The Thing

Personally, Charlie could of had a better time.First, there was her little sister Anne.Anne was five,but acted like she was 25.She would always act like she was the boss of Charlie,even demanding that she wanted the remote when it was clearly Charlie's turn.And to make matters worse,she was incredibly cute,witch made her get what ever she wanted.And don't even get her started on her older twin siblings.First,there was Sally.Sally...
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Liz looked around the ship. she found a pool (had to remember that) her room, a librery, the sun deck, first aid center, the life rafts (needed to remember that.) well the فہرست went on and on. liz then went to her room to unpack. she made sure her mom and dad were not there when she took out a big book. at first look it would look just like any other book but if آپ looked close آپ would see some of the pages were not placed right. that was where liz kept her work.mermaids. liz loved mermaids and she loved them so much she wanted to be one. she found spells and tryed them. liz was hopeing a spell would work and where they were going she was sure it would work. all of her thought this but a little dot naging her about how foolish she was. Liz tryed not to think about it and finished unpacking.
Ella:Me and my parents had been driving down to the ocean یا at least we would have been if I hadn't had an ear infection.It was so dumb and my mother کہا I couldn't get any salty sea water in it!Even though I had my ear plugs my mom still didn't trust me even though she کہا "it's not that I don't trust you" I know she didn't because she always seemed to try and cause an interruption before she could finish her sentence me and my family ended up in a lake near a strange town called Douglas my parents set up the blanket.

My Dad:Hey Ella where did John go?

John was my annoying little 9 سال old...
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posted by twistedblondie
I am writing a story call the Siren's Song. It's kinda like a fanfiction, but it's not because I made up everything myself. When I say its like a fanfiction i mean it will be written in parts instead of chapters! It's about two teenage girls who are best دوستوں that become mermaids after hearing a strange song. the Siren's song!(: Tehy won't know there mermaids yet till part two which i will be writing soon so please check out part one! It has it's own club!(: Coment, rate, blah blah! be a faaaan!:D
xoxox, Secret
posted by peggy1086
ime writting a story what u think so far:

Mermaid secrets

One day, who was called Isabella, was starting a new school it’s was hard because
She was a mermaid and if she got wet she would grow a tail.
Her new teacher was called Mrs Coppe Mrs Coppe knows about mermaids
Mrs Coppe sat her اگلے to a girl called Nina .
Two years later Isabella and nina became best friends,
Nina was also a mermaid. That دن Nina and Isabella were playing near water and slipped into the water and they found out each other where mermaids.

Chapter 2
Next دن ,in the unisex toilets Nina Isabella and there friend Luke...
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posted by moolets
Mermaids I mean who doesnt like them they swim gracefully swifly and elagent as their bodys take a lifetime experience that hardly anyone has experienced.I will tell آپ about all the latest ways on how to become a mermaid .This was recomended سے طرف کی a scientist in 2007 .He کہا that to become a mermaid آپ must insert مچھلی blood into your vains with a syringe آپ can not drink it because it will just end up trvelling through آپ digestive system and the blood will not get anywhere aprt from down the sewage sytem and I would not recomend this to anyone because it is hazadus but if آپ really want to try it out get some safety measures first because if something did happen آپ would need to sort it out and fast and if آپ are absoulutely desperrate to try this out get a specialist such as a paramedic to stand سے طرف کی just incase .