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"hurry Liz!" "ok mom I am going as fast as I can!" 11 سال old liz was going on a cruise with her mom and dad to florida and the bahamas. she had never been on a cruise befor and could not wait. it was the middle of winter and there was ALOT of snow outside. all liz longed for was sun and waves. Liz loved the water since she was born. when she was only a few months old her dad had brought her out the in the water and a big wave came and splashed her in the face. most babys would cry but all she did was giggle. ever since then her mom and dad knew she was as they called a water baby.
"come on liz!" "ok! ok! I'm comeing!" liz ran down to the door and left.
once the ship left port liz went to look around. it would little bit till they stoped at the first port. "the bahamas." she thought. "I can't wait! I hear there is clear blue water to swim in!"
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Hello I have a spell that will turn آپ into a mermaid here's what آپ need:A pearl,a smooth stone(blue),and A PURE ENOUGH HEART!

The spell is....

the crystal night sparkling stars آگ کے, آگ sparks water sirens sea stone marks power of seasonmaids,sirens,and mermaids combined if آپ love the one who made your mind.

hope آپ guys can figure the answer to the spell otherwise the spell only works once since it's hard to understand I will give آپ the basic سوال آپ can give your answer to me in تبصرے it is:

Who made your mind?

okay hope آپ have fun

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The car rolled up to the large church like building.Elena was amazed of the huge towers,towering high above them.The reason they were there was because of her father who was a scientist and studied sea plants and stuff.

"So Elena,what do آپ think?"Her Dad asked.Elena would much rather be at the hotel in the swimming pool than here,but it did look a little exciting."Well,how long's it going to take us?"Elena asked.Her Dad frowned.

As they got closer to the building,she could see big white doors opening to the building.As they got even closer she saw big windows with mermaids on them.The mermaids...
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