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The family of the late pop سٹار, ستارہ شبیہ Michael Jackson has been in the news all over for the past two weeks because some of Michael’s siblings are claiming that the will of the pop شبیہ was fake and fraudulent. According to Randy Jackson, Michael’s youngest brother, claims in a interview call on MSNBC's "Politics Nation” on Tuesday afternoon. That the will was forged سے طرف کی the estate's executors, John Branca and John McClain. The family is also questioning the تاریخ it was signed.

Also in the interview with randy he’s says that in the will the تاریخ that it was signed is inaccurate too. He says on that تاریخ that the will was allegedly signed Michael was in new York with Rev. Al Sharpton .

The family is outraged as I should say his siblings : Janet,Randy,Jermaine,Rebbie,(Tito which now retracts his signature from the letter) even have written a letter to prove it . In the letter it states that “their late brother's will, which was a fake.” And also that the estate executors are “putting pressure on the family’s matriarch Katherine Jackson”

(Click on link to see Michael’s last will) link

That’s not all The pop star's mother, Katherine, Jackson, was reported missing over the weekend. And although Los Angeles County sheriff's authorities and members of the Jackson family have کہا she was out of state with other family members, Paris Jackson -- the late Michael Jackson's 14-year-old daughter -- continued to publicly claim she is being kept from her grandmother.

her tweets have been towards some of the family members like Randy , @randyjackson8 hello dear FAMILY member i don’t appreciate آپ telling everyone things that aren’t true thank آپ very much.’

Deputies who responded to the call Monday afternoon determined that a physical altercation had occurred between members of the Jackson family, it has also been کہا that janet and paris had shared words (@#$!%). No arrests were made.
Whitmore did not say which adult family members were involved, only that they determined the children were not part of the family fracas.
Jermaine Jackson tweeted that the Sheriff's Department had "officially dropped the case that never was, confirming Mother is with family and ending this farcical false alarm."
On Tuesday morning, she tweeted again about her grandmother’s absence “9 days and counting… so help me god i will make whoever did this pay."

As of today , Tito jackson’s son TJ ,has now gain temporary custody of Michael’s children prince, paris, and blanket.
For conclusion my opinion as a Jackson’s پرستار , I think money is one thing but not between the ordeal of Paris and family members mainly( Janet) I think Janet is doing the auntie thing of looking out for Paris because she’s been there as a child سٹار, ستارہ before and it’s not and easy road and I also think she is also thinking about what Michael would want best for his children and it’s not them being a child سٹار, ستارہ he wants them to leave the life he never got. And for the ambush at the house , well everybody has their own opinion but let me just say where I’m from and where janet and the whole original Jackson family is from is not too far away (indianpolis Indiana, and they’re from gary ,Indiana ) آپ don’t disrespect adults who ever they are آپ respect them, they don’t take no mess.
I also think the whole thing isn’t about money but just looking out for your younger family members because آپ just don’t want them to make the same mistakes آپ did.

So give me your response and tell me what آپ think about the who ideal
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