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posted by cherl12345
"Oh, really", Michael replied, "I can hardly wait". Maris rested her head on Michael's shoulder as continued the to play the melody, which he composed on his piano. "Someday, I'm going to play this song at our wedding, " Michael replied, "and I'm going to have it published through my publishing company, MIJAC Music". "Oh, that sounds wonderful, Michael", Maris replied. It was no secret that Michael and Maris were very much in love with each other, and they were destined to be together, but it was only a matter of time.

After played a sample of his musical composition for Maris, Michael kissed...
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The executors of Michael Jackson’s estate have barred a number of the late singer’s siblings, including Janet Jackson, from the California ہوم where their mother, Katherine, is raising the late singers three children.

The details of who is and isn’t allowed onto the Calabas, California is detailed in an میل ای obtained سے طرف کی CNN’s Roland S. Martin.

Howard Weitzman, who represents John McClain and John Branca, sent the میل ای Wednesday to Charles Schultz, an attorney for Mrs. Jackson.

Weitzman writes that after the drama over the last two weeks, which including allegations that Katherine Jackson...
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posted by 2468244
Mmm, ah, mmm
I’m gonna make a change, for once in my life
It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right

As I, turn up the کالر on my پسندیدہ winter coat
This wind is blowin’ my mind
I see the kids in the street, with not enough to eat
Who am I, to be blind, pretending not to see their need
A summer’s disregard, a broken bottle top
And a one man’s soul
They follow each other on the wind ya know
‘Cause they got nowhere to go
That’s why I want آپ to know

I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any...
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posted by michaeljsgirl
"Excuse me, is this نشست taken?" Michael asked her, his voice quivering now. She کہا nothing, but motioned for him to sit. Michael smiled nervously at her & she in return raised one eyebrow in a suspicious manner. "What's your name?" Michael asked after a brief period of silence. "Chloe." she replied. "Nice to meet you, Chloe, I'm Michael." The uneasy feeling in his stomach had manifested itself in his words. Chloe looked at Michael & again raised her eyebrow. The aura which she produced was one of indecipherable emotions that were running all too high. Another long silence ensued....
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(with Carole Bayer Sager)

You and me
We've traded hearts
I guess that's how
It always starts out
And then I guess it always ends

Look at us
I don't think that آپ and me
Can just be friends
Maybe this is how
the whole thing
Has to just end

And if we could
Have loved enough
(La la dee, la la dee
dah dah, la la dah,
la la dah, la la dah,
We would have handled
When it got rough
But one of us let go too soon

So here we are
(Here we are)
Now sayin'
I don't think that آپ and me
Can just be friends
Maybe this is how
the whole thing
Has to just end
[ Find مزید Lyrics on link ]

I wish you'd understand...

It's funny...
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Once all alone
I was lost in a world of strangers
No one to trust
On my own, I was lonely
آپ suddenly appeared
It was cloudy before
Now it's all clear
آپ took away the fear
And آپ brought me back to the light

آپ are the sun
آپ make me shine
یا مزید like the stars
That twinkle at night
آپ are the moon
That glows in my heart
آپ are my daytime my nighttime
[ Find مزید Lyrics on link ]
My world
آپ are my life

Now I wake up everyday
With this smile upon my face
No مزید tears, no مزید pain
‘Cause آپ love me
آپ help me understand
That love is the answer
to all that I am
And I'm a better man
Since آپ taught me سے طرف کی sharing your love


آپ gave me strength
When I wasn't strong
آپ gave me hope when
All hope was lost
آپ opened my eyes
When I couldn't see
Love was always here
Waiting for me

posted by cherl12345
 Fashion شبیہ
Fashion Icon
"Oh, really", he replied, "are آپ giving me full access to touch that beautiful of yours". "Well, of course", Mari replied, "and I'll even let آپ touch me in places I've never been touched before". To lighten up the mood, Maris lit a couple of candles in the living room in order to liven up the atmosphere and climbed up on سب, سب سے اوپر of Michael, as he recipicated to her seductive advances. "Oh, the way آپ touch me when you're laying اگلے makes me feel so good", Michael also replied, "I've been waiting for this moment ever since we first met when I first saw you, and now it feels like a dream come...
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Once upon a time,deep in sands of Ancient Nubia,there was two kingdoms,The kingdom of Kerma and the kingdom of Kush. The kingdom of Kush belonged to a King named Taharqo,who had two daughters Syria as the oldest,Alena as the middle child. The girls were chosen for the prince of Kerma to choose as his bride and تاریخ for the ball at his palace even though he was a pharaoh. The daughters did have a third sister,and her name was Nefertiti and she was the prettiest of them all. Her sisters treated her badly ever since her mother died but she stayed classy and treated them kindly with respect. The...
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Michael was sleeping wamly and soundly under the covers. Until he felt this cold hand touch his shoulder. "Mike, mike wake up its time to get ready and get to the airport." Frank Cascio کہا shaking Michael's shoulder. Michael tossed to the other side of the بستر pulling the covers up over his head. "Mike, come on, we are going to be late!" Frank کہا getting annoyed. "Frank, please I did not get any sleep last night and I am exhausted!" Michael کہا getting grouchy. "Mike, آپ know we have go to New York for آپ to do those cd signings at Virgin." Frank کہا turning on the light on the nightstand...
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posted by cherl12345
As Michael drove through the gates of Maris' palatial estate in the Hollywood Hills, he parked his 2013 Cadillac Escalade in front of her house; in addition, walking up to the front porch and ringing doorbell and the housekeeper, Consuela, answered the door. "Hi, My name is Michael and I'm here to pick up Maris," responded. "Oh, yes, sit down she'll be right with you, can I get آپ anything," she asked, and just nodded head as stating, "No, Thank you, would آپ tell her I'm here," Michael inquired, so she left him alone in the living while went back upstairs to help Maris with the finishing...
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posted by Miabear1998
People in my family think I'm crazy for loving MJ. They say he's ugly and 'funny' looking. Throught the years of his life, his apperance change, but I still love him no matter what they say. It's probably because he's older than me. Me being a young,13 yr. old girl, in love with a 50 yr. old deceased man, 37 yrs. apart from us, but to me It's noting but a number. It's just me falling in love for the first time in my life and I like it. I think he's the sexiest man that ever walked this earth.THEY JUST NEED TO SHUT THE F.U.C.K. UP and leave him ALONE and get over the fact that I LOVE MICHAEL!!!! NOT Justin Bieber, Chris Brown یا Drake, یا any other people THEY like! There boys, Michael is a man, a sexy, talented man. Why can't they understand It's Michael who makes me feel alive inside and happy. If they don't like it, THEY CAN BEAT IT!!!! LEAVE ME AND MICHAEL ALONE!!!!!!!!
ہولی just stood there in awe over the beautiful house not knowing really what to say. Michael chuckled at her "Say something Holly." "I-I can't believe this house its amazing!" "You like it?" "Oh Michael I love it!" "Good, because its ours!" She turns to him in shock "You mean its ours, as in ours?" "Yes this will be our ہوم from now on. But come on I want to دکھائیں آپ the inside." He grabs Holly's hand and takes her inside. "Michael this place I can't even describe it, its that beautiful!" He giggles "holl if your this excited over the foyer you'll probably pass out when آپ see the rest...
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posted by MJDirtyDiana829
 Neverland Valley Ranch
Neverland Valley Ranch
A week later Entertainment Tonight covered the story of Michael Jackson's purchase of the palatial Sycamore Valley Ranch in Santa Ynez emphasizing the vastness and magnificence of the property. Michael was pleased.

"Twenty-seven hundred acres, Michael! What will آپ do with it all? I mean, you're bound to wander off and get lost," Mark teased, sitting back in his chair.

"Goody. Then I won't have to deal with you!" They both tittered. "I, um...haven't told the family yet though so,...blanket me, K?"

"More lies to the family, huh?" Michael glared at him. Mark sat up and continued, "what happens when Pappa Joe finds out you're not up in your room playing with your toys?" Michael sighed and adjusted his jacket.

"Well, I'll worry about that when the time comes. I mean, I can اقدام out if I want...it was time." Then he added, "By the way, thank آپ Mark, آپ can keep your your job." Michael giggled flashing his inumerous white teeth. Mark smiled and winked.
 Neverland Valley Ranch
Neverland Valley Ranch
"Hey Mike wait up!" the director call, michael turned around. "Yes?" , "I wanted to ask آپ something." the director replied. "Sure..whats up?" Michael said. "I heard آپ and Diane have been looking for a nanny and i think i know someone who would be perfect for the job." the director explained. "Oh great who?" Michael asked with interest. "My daughters best friend Beth." , "Well thats great...here i guess tell your daughter to tell Beth to give me a call and we can arrange a meeting." Michael کہا as he took a small slip of paper and a pen from his شرٹ, قمیض pocket and jotted down his number and...
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 Michael and his girlfriends house
Michael and his girlfriends house
Setting: Michael is 28 years old and he lives in a upscale ہوم which he shares with his beautiful, but very snooty, stuck up girlfriend and cheating girlfriend(which michael doesnt know about the muiltiple boyfriends she has had on the side). Anyways today michael is in for a BIG surprise..........

Girlfriend: Mikey baby im home!
Michael: Michael walks up to girlfriend and kisses her Well how did your checkup go??
Girlfriend: Oh it was fine........i have a surprise for آپ later. gives michael a playful wink
Michael: Ooh i cant wait.
That night Michael and his girlfriend have a candle lit dinner...
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 Michael and Kevin on the set of "Womanizer"
Michael and Kevin on the set of "Womanizer"
A سال goes سے طرف کی now, ہولی and Michael haven't talked at all. They both are very unhappy and sad all the time but the only thing that keeps them going is their work. Unfortunately in early '85 Holly's little brother Kenny suffered a traumatic accident. After a few months of being in the hospital, and extensive physical therapy he was able to recover. But during this time ہولی started reflecting on everything in her life, and she decided to forgive Michael for what he did to her. Sadly she still made no contact with him, یا her sister.

One دن Kevin Wilson (Flip Wilsons son) comes over to Michael's...
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During the interview Michael can not focus on the questions, just on Holly. Mr.Douglas says "Holly would آپ like to grace us and the audience with a song?" ہولی being bashfull "Ok." "Now don't be shy." Mr. Douglas tells Holly. ہولی goes to the little stage they have set up. All of a sudden ہولی lights up and this amazing voice comes out of this little girl! Michael is speechless, and so is the rest of the audience. Finally the interview becomes over and everybody starts getting their things together. Michael walks past Holly's dressing room. Michael thinks to himself,"should I go in and...
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The اگلے Day
Michael got ready in a hurry, excited about دکھانا Saronia around his home.
He ran to the بارن, گودام and opened the large doors.
Light shone in, causing Saronia to jump up and back into a dark area.
"Oh c'mon sleepy head!! Its time to ride!!" Michael exclaimed happily.
He opened her stall and let her out, throwing a mat onto her back.
She looked at him.
"What?" He asked. She just shook her head.
He then strapped the saddle on her and put the rest of the riding gear onto her.
She seemed to be fine with all of it and just stood there calmly.
"Alright. Now, lets see how آپ react then."
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Michael showed Aislinn around the house and took her stuff into his room. She stood around the living room, messing with her skirt. She started getting real nervous about this رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا تاریخ with him. Michael came out of his room, dressed مزید like he would outside the house and not for rehearsals. He sat down on the سوفی, لٹانا and patted a spot اگلے to him. "Come sit down, you're not gonna get any taller." He smiled. She giggled nervously and sat down. She placed her hands on her lap and bit her lip. "What do آپ want to know about me?" he asked her. "I...well...I don't know..." He saw her look down...
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In the autumn of 1992 in a small town from a small country,Madeline Blackeyes wakes up like always at 7 o'clock to get ready to go to her job.After she finished washing and dresing,she goes to باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ to make herself a breakfast,but she surprisely founds there her grandmother who says:"Good morning,dear!".Madeline hugs her and says:"What are آپ doing here?The doctor کہا آپ should not go outside یا make too much effort!"."Oooh,don't worry dear,I'll be just fine!Besides,you're the one who should not make too much effort and go to work.Are آپ shure you'll be allright?"Madeline went to the...
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