Michael Jackson Michael Jackson's Death is #1 Fake News!

Cecilholmes posted on Jun 09, 2017 at 03:50PM
The GREATEST OMG Movies of our Lifetime!
The GREATEST HOAX in world history!
The GREATEST STAR on earth!

Yep, he’s capable of faking his death!

Consider this:

The Murray verdict calls MJ an "Alleged victim" and "alleged date". California Courts NEVER confirmed identification of the dead body. All death documents are in MJ's wrong name and according to the Department of Public Health, that makes the death certificate INVALID. This should be wonderful news to all MJ fans to learn that MJ faked his death because there's ZERO PROOF MJ is dead. NO name on crypt, no record of MJ at UCLA, Forest Lawn mortuary has consistently said they don't have MJ's body and have never had it, no record of MJ using the number given out at the Murray trial, at the Coroner's office. And there's a VERY SPECIFIC REASON why the dead body HAD to die of Propofol intoxication. Now I bet some fans would rather MJ be dead than to open their minds to the FACT that MJ faked his death and is living, and I also prove that MJ is online nearly everyday. Only skimmers of information don't get it, or those who have CHOSEN to believe in MJ's death more than MJ's genius and ingenuity. I promise you won't be disappointed www.vimeo.com/ondemand/alive2michaeljackso­n Dr. Murray played a needed role and helped MJ pull off the GREATEST HOAX in world history!

When MJ's brother, Jermaine, announced his brother, "Legendary King of Pop" had died he was wearing a shirt that reads "Living as King" but this isn't the first death hoax clue. Notice that a doctor, nor any media personnel, announced that dead body to be Michael Joe Jackson.
 The GREATEST OMG فلمیں of our Lifetime! The GREATEST HOAX in world history! The GREATEST سٹار, ستارہ on e

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